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  1. Hi Amanda, I was actually just diagnosed last week and am like you and had very few GI symptoms (until I cut the gluten out, now I have a ton of GI issues when I get glutened)....
  2. Interesting. Yes, my blood test was "weak positive" for celiac. I would love to not have yet another restriction on my diet!
  3. Hi All, Newly diagnosed yesterday. I was not surprised, as I was pretty sure I had celiac, but of course it doesn't end there. My biopsy report says "Findings are compatible with...
  4. Thanks for your reply - it is very helpful. I have Hashimoto's, and a strong family history of autoimmune disease, so it will come as no surprise to me if I end up developing another...
  5. Hello All, first time poster here. I have been going through the process of getting tested, and get my biopsy results from the Doctor on Monday (I called - but they wouldn't give...