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  1. Seafood is always a good choice as long as there are no breading. I dont know if there are any, but Outback SteakHouse has a gluten free menu.
  2. my daughter loves mac & cheese. I usually just buy the Tinkyada elbows (follow cooking directions - boil water and add a little salt and add pasta. cook for 15 minutes (do not overcook, otherwise it gets mushy -- rinse the pasta under cold water) I add american cheese and milk. She's happy with that.
  3. I dont know about blue bell. As far as ice cream, breyer's vanilla is good. (other flavor, read the ingredients), Turkey Hill, Ben & Jerrys, Dairy Queen (soft serve only) Haagen Dazs, Edy's and Baskin Robins. These are all ice creams that are considered gluten-free, but of course you still should read the ingredients (no cookie dough or brownie flavors) As far as amy's frozen dinners, my child is very picky in what she eats. Hope this helps!
  4. can anyone tell me if cotton candy from a fair is safe? (gluten free)
  5. my 7 yr old daughter was diagnosed with a "very, very, very" mild case of celiac, back on the end of august. Our doctor suggested that we put her on the diet and we did. It's been almost 2 months and she's had on and off loose bowels still. Our doctor has her taking prilosec and benefiber. It seemed to have worked cause her bowels had form (no longer loose and watery). Then she caught a virus (cold) and was put on antiobiotics, but prior to the antibiotics she became loose again. After the antibiotics, her stool had form again. She's been off now for two weeks, and her stool became watery and loose again... HELP!!! any ideas as to what is going on with her?
  6. does anyone know if ricola (throat lozengers) is gluten-free?
  7. thank you for all the information. i feel better knowing where to go eat while on vacation. You mentioned Dumser's. Do you know where that's located? I plan to cook most of the time for dinner and breakfast. But probably will go out once or twice. My menu selection will still be limited, since she is a picky eater. What do you do for bread? what brand do you buy bread? I bought some glutten free pizza dough, so i'll probably be making pizza for lunch. But thank you very much for all the information. I really appreciate it.
  8. My 7 year old daughter might have celiac disease. We wont find out for sure until the endoscopy. As far as symptoms are concern, she does not pass her bowels right after eating. It usually takes 2 or 3 hours after and it is loose. She will usually go in the morning when she gets up and then again at night before bed. Are these symptoms for celiac? I was told that when one has celiac, he/she will pass their bowel right after eating non-glutten free food. Also, we are going on vacation to ocean city maryland. Does anyone know of any restaurants or food stores in that area that sells glutten-free foods?
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