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  1. What were your husbands symptoms? Or if it would be easier for you to refer me to a past post, perhaps? I know what it was like for me to try to remember all of my husband's health history just to type up this post. Also, what are some basic things I can do to go toward gluten-free with our meals? Everything I've read really seems overwhelming. I don't even know what to look for when reading labels. I'm totally ignorant. But if you could give me some basic ideas and perhaps even somewhere to look online that would explain how to get started.....I would be forever grateful......
  2. Evie~ We're from Iowa too! Don't usually meet to many Iowans on any boards. We're in NW Iowa. How 'bout you, if you don't mind saying?
  3. So, Evie....just eating several small meals a day helped you without going on a gluten-free diet? Or you went on the gluten-free diet also and found relief? Sorry for my confusion, and thanks for answering. We are at the end of the rope, so-to-speak and doctors seem to be in the dark as well. Thanks.
  4. Hello, New here.....been looking everywhere for answers for my husband. He's been having symptoms for about 3 years now and we're still unsure of what's causing it. THe doctor's seem to be of no help. He was referred to a gastroenterologist about three months ago due to his symptoms and all that doctor had to say was "eat around it". I will try to make this to the point as I can: About three year ago, had symptoms such as severe pain in the stomach, distention, bloating, severe diarrhea, severe cramping....sometimes would have to make himself throw up after a meal 'cuz that was the only way he could get comfortable again. But when he would throw up, his throat and mouth would be burned from all the acid that came up with his food. Sometimes when he would throw up, he could still tell what food it was and sometimes it was food he ate from 2-3 days ago. Sometimes he would eat and the food would feel like it was in a ball in his stomach, not moving anywhere, just stuck. He had his gallbladder removed, had a colonoscopy and an upper GI test. The only thing they found thru these test was that he had a small ulcer. They said his gallbladder was enlarged and diseased. So figuring it was the gallbladder (now removed) they also put him on Prevacid and told him to take Gaviscon in the evening and not eat 3 hours before going to bed. Three years later, he's still having the same symptoms. Except his diarrhea is pretty much chronic all the time. They had him do a test where he ate a radioactive egg and then watched his stomach digest it.....it came back "normal". We can't afford to do anymore tests! Doctors don't know anything.....they're just guessing....in my estimation. What can we do? Currently he is taking a powder twice a day.....it's called Cholestyramiune Powder.....it's used mostly to lower cholesterol, but they've found that it helps with diarrhea. They think now that because his gallbladder is removed he's having some type of "dumping syndrome" 'cuz there's a lot of time after he eats, he'll get bad cramps, have diarrhea and you can actually see fat/grease in the stool. So it's like his body isn't processing fats at all! There's so many issues with this and I want to find out how to help him without him taking a bunch of drugs!! Please help! I've been searching and searching and I want to help him. Is there anyway we can "self-test" him? What would be a good clue to find out if he is a celiac? Thank you in advance....I truly appreciate it. Oh, another thing is that he has been losing weight....not a lot but somedays his weight will fluctuate by 8 pounds (up and down).......his pants are all starting to fall off of him. Thanks again. I'm sure I've forgotten something but I am anxious awaiting to hear your thoughts!
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