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  1. I just wanted to chime in about this cookbook. I just joined the board yesterday, but I've had this cookbook about 6 months, and it's the best one I have. I have taken the coconut cake as cupcakes to several gatherings, and they've been devoured!! Everyone raves about them, and people have no idea there's anything different about them. The brownies are great too. I would encourage everyone to buy the book, both because the recipes are so good, and because the author has been so gracious!
  2. Hi Vanessa, I realize you asked this over a year ago!!! I just joined the board today, and also just happened to call TGI Friday's corporate headquarters today to ask the same thing. After navigating their website and finding nothing, I phoned and talked to a lovely woman who told me they have absolutely no information available about the gluten content of any of their food!!!! but that they are working on a "gluten statement". She told me that it's a very difficult thing as utensils would have to be kept separate, etc. I assured her that I am aware that when I step out of my own kitchen, I take the risk of cross-contamination, but that all I really wanted to know was what foods actually contain gluten. She simply repeated that no one has any information of that nature to give me. I got the impression that their first priority is to set up a legal defense position to protect themselves from lawsuits. I asked her to pass on my name and number, that I'd be happy to talk to anyone and give examples of restaurants that have helpful menus and websites, etc, but I'm sure I'll never hear anything. If I do ever get any info, I'll post it here. Hope you are managing to be well. Best, Marianne
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