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  1. Well, I started my daughter on a restricted diet Friday, and today WE HAD A GOOD DAY !!!!!! The first in WEEKS !!!!!! Oh, please let this not be a fluke !!! She is missing her Cheez-its, but agrees that having fun instead of fighting is definitely an improvement. I think I will still have her tested through Enterolab, in case she doesn't have all the same sensitivities that I have. Susan
  2. If you go to www.k12.com and click on K12 Options, you will be able to put in your state to see if there is a charter public school that you can enroll in and receive K12 for free. Susan
  3. I'm so glad you this hasn't been your experience, Nicole - I wish it wasn't mine ! But, unfortunately, this is what I have seen. There are very few children who are have been taught to be respectful and kind - the majority have been left to raise themselves while their parents drink and pursue members of the opposite sex. As far as teachers go, my daughter's teachers were excellent - intelligent, well-trained, caring people. But until we had my daughter tested (against the school's wishes - I had to be VERY persistant, to the extent of calling the county office myself and making the appointment myself), my daughter's teachers had no idea how far ahead she was. They already have far too much on their plates dealing with the barbarians (there's that word again !) who are so far behind. I don't blame them at all - they are absolutely doing the very best anyone could under the circumstances. Unfortunately, I don't have as good of an opinion of the teachers my daughter would have had the next year. They were both screamers - I could hear them all the way down the hall. I really wasn't looking forward to my daughter being in their classes. So here we are. Another issue is that what the school offered was that if my daughter finished her work, they would provide more challenging work. I have a problem with that. No child is going to be happy being singled out and given more work. What each child needs is the right work. I think it would be absolutely wonderful if all public schools were wonderful places that met the needs of all children perfectly, but at least for us, they're not. Susan
  4. I started homeschooling my daughter last year when she started 3rd Grade. She wasn't acting out in school, but said she was bored, and when we had her tested, we could see why. The school is small, and our best choice seemed to be homeschooling - actually, it was my daughter's choice. We are very lucky here in Ohio - we get the awesome K12 curriculum for FREE through Ohio Virtual Academy. I wish this was available for everyone in every state. As far as the socialization thing goes, I'd say it would be a good thing if more children were "socialized" a whole lot less. How in the world does bullying, name-calling, and the daily Britney Spears look-alike contests help a child grow to be healthy and happy ?? Whenever anyone brings up the "socialization" boogeyman, I always say, "Oh yes - we follow the public school model for socialization. On Mondays and Wednesdays I make fun of her clothes and hair, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I knock her down and take her lunch money, and on Fridays I call her fat. We have socialization covered." "Socialization" is the process of a child learning to function in society. I think it's much better for a child to learn from involved parents than from a bunch of barbarian 8-year-olds. We left the public school system for academic reasons, but now that we're out, it's such a relief not to have to deal with so many things. And when you have diet and health concerns, it's really a blessing not to have to trust other people. If a child is outgoing and mixes well with other kids, then that child is socialized. Period. It's done and you don't need to worry any more about it. If a child is shy or is a bully or has some other difficulty in dealing with people, then that child still has some socialization needed. But just throwing that child into the public school ocean is not necessarily going to do the trick. Based on how the child is treated by both other kids and adults, the child's problems could just get worse ! The best way to socialize is for the child to be in a loving, safe environment where everyone is respected and valued, and children are guided in how to treat others. Hmm, doesn't sound much like most public schools, does it ? Another plus of homeschooling is that your child can have the education she needs, not just what works for the herd. I see nothing wrong with a child learning at her own pace - why should you hold her back ? My daughter is about a 1/2 year ahead in the math curriculum - so what ? (With K12, if you finish 3rd grade Math, they just automatically send you 4th grade Math and on you go.) If we ever go back to public school, we'll decide then how to handle it. In the meantime, let her go ! That's what learning is all about ! It is sometimes difficult for parents to teach their own children. My daughter and I have had our ups and downs. We're down right now, and I started her on a gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, egg-free, yeast-free diet last week in the hope of improving her behavior. (Those are all my intolerances, so until we have some testing done, it's a starting point.) I'm so glad we can do this at home. Making these kinds of decisions is really hard. I'm glad we have this place to talk about things, and get everyone's advice. I know it's really helped me. Susan
  5. We started the diet today - I'm putting her on the same diet I follow: no gluten, casein, soy, yeast or eggs. So now we're in the same boat. Tomorrow she has to sit through a pizza party, poor kid. The bright spot is we'll be sitting at the "weird food table" with other kids who are avoiding gluten and casein also. Now, what about sugar ? My daughter has been saying "I'm hungry" all day, and I've been feeding her Peanut Butter Panda Puffs. Do y'all avoid sugar too ? Susan
  6. I've read alot about how great Disney is for celiacs, but I need to avoid gluten, casein, soy, yeast and eggs. Has anyone with multiple sensitivities been to Disney ? Can you give me any advice ? Thanks ! Susan
  7. Hi there. I've been recently diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity (and casein and soy and yeast and eggs) and it has got me thinking about how alot of problems in my past were caused or aggravated by my diet. Now I'm starting to wonder if gluten could be causing some problems in my daughter - I'm carrying two copies of the gluten sensitivity gene, so she's got at least one copy from me. My daughter is an extremely bright nine-year-old, and we homeschool. Her work is becoming increasingly sloppy and careless. When we have discussions on literature, she cannot seem to concentrate and can't answer the most simple questions over what we have read. She also gets very angry whenever I insist that she redo her work correctly. I'm inclined to say, "fine - if you won't work for me, you can go back to public school", but I don't think that would really be best for her. But I'm tired of the constant battles. She has no tummy problems, but does have chronic runny-nose allergies controlled fairly well by Claritin. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who may have had the same problems with a child. Susan
  8. Thank you all for your comments. I had blood drawn yesterday, but unfortunately my doctor only ordered IgA and IgG. We tried to contact him to get EMA and ARA, but he had already gone home. The lab tech was great and drew extra blood so that IF we can get him to order the other tests and IF the only lab they send out to will perform them, we're all set. Today will be my first all-gluten-free day ! Actually, it doesn't sound that bad after doing the Atkins diet: I can have potatoes !! I can have fruit ! I can have rice crackers and Pamela's cookies ! I would imagine that regardless of my blood tests, I'll still end up doing the Enterolab testing, and also have my daughter tested. I think it's really important to know if we're carrying the genes, and also to put her on the right path BEFORE she has 40 years of tummy troubles. Also, I'll be very curious to see if gluten-free helps the constant runny-nose allergies that we both have. It would be nice not to have to take 3 meds a day for allergies ! Thanks so much, everyone. Susan
  9. Thank you so much - this is exactly what I was wondering. I'm not terribly concerned with what doctors think - I like my current doctor, but he's not God and I've had my share of losers and incompetants. I am still trying to get through to my doctor for the blood tests; as I've said, I like him and I'm sure he will order the tests. And since I just stopped eating gluten yesterday, as long as they get me in soon, the tests should still be as accurate as they ever are. But if the blood tests are negative, then off I go to Enterolab. And I was wondering about how accepted they are among the medical community - they are not mentioned at all (unless I missed it) in the FAQs for Celiac.com - they only talk about blood and biopsies. So I am interested in anyone expressing doubts. And as far as needing validation to go on a wacky diet, I feel so crappy that I would be willing to try just about anything to feel better. I followed the Adkins diet STRICT for two years (all my tummy troubles went away, which is what is making me think wheat may be my problem) so I know what it's like to eat differently than everyone else. Susan
  10. I'm just getting started with testing, and I've read oodles on the forums yesterday and this morning - thank you all for sharing so much info ! From what I've read, Enterolab testing seems to be the most definative, since blood tests can miss early damage, and endoscopy/biopsies are a hit-or-miss whether or not they sample where you actually have damage. Plus, both the blood and the biopsy only work if you're eating gluten, which I'm just getting started to avoid. So, is there any downside to Enterolab ? Why in the world doesn't everyone test this way ? The only thing I can think of is that doctors are not involved, but since doctors can't help celiac anyway, who needs them ? Is it a good thing to NOT have celiac in my medical records, or a bad thing ? Thanks for all the great info. It really, really helps.
  11. What I was thinking of doing was to greatly reduce gluten, but still eat a little every day until I have the blood tests or Endo lab test. It doesn't sound like the endoscopy is worth it. It sounds like it only takes an iota of gluten to cause problems, and since it's so hard to completely eliminate it anyway, it would be easy to just cut down until the tests and maybe I wouldn't have a full-blown episode like I had today. And it will give me a chance to eat up some of the last gluten-filled treats I have in the kitchen ! I was out at Odd Lots and happened across Pamela's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, and had that for dinner (my stomach still hurts so what the heck I'm going to eat whatever I want). They were really good ! Susan
  12. thanks for the response. I guess I'm not all that hung up on having an official diagnosis - and I'm not excited about testing. And I don't like the idea of keeping on eating the gluten and risking another hellish day like today !!!!!! The only thing is that if I do end up with celiac, then I'm going to worry about my daughter. She is nine, and her only problem is year-round runny nose allergies, fixed by taking claritin daily. Could that be celiac, or would a wheat allergy be more likely ? I have the same problem; we both went through the horrible skin tests a couple years ago but couldn't find what we were allergic to. I'm sick of being sick ! Susan
  13. Hi there. I've been reading the forums all day, and don't want to waste your time with dumb questions, but thought I'd go ahead anyway. I had a heck of an attack this morning, and thought it just might be celiac. I'd appreciate your opinion: I've had digestive problems for 20 years - typically, a run to the bathroom about 20 minutes after a meal. I had an ulcer when I was 16, but it sort of went away. I've also had a wierd problem for the past 10 years where I feel naseous every morning unless I take motion sickness pills. Oh, and did I mention depression ? Well, anyway, several years ago, I went on the Adkins diet and lost 30 pounds, and also lost all my digestive problems. Note that I was VERY strict, and basically ate no carbs at all - no sugar, no starch. Then a year ago I went on vacation and fell off the wagon and started eating badly again. What started happening was that every so often about an hour after breakfast I would have a terrible attack of stomach pains, sometimes causing me to vomit (sorry to get gross). My doctor suspected gall bladder, however sometimes the attacks would happen after eating dry Cheerios for breakfast, which wouldn't trigger a gall bladder attack, and also didn't explain why the attacks only happen in the morning. I had a gall bladder test which showed my gall bladder wasn't quite functioning correctly, but the surgeon (thank goodness one with brains) didn't think my problems sounded like gall bladder and suggested going low-fat and see what happens. I've been left in a quandry between Adkins and low-fat, which are basically incompatable. This morning I had the mother of all attacks, after eating lots of breaded chinese food yesterday for lunch and biscuits and gravy last night for dinner, and I started thinking about Celiac, which I'd heard about on People's Pharmacy. I called my doctor to ask to be tested for Celiac, but he won't be in until tomorrow. So I've spent the day with a very sore tummy, afraid to ever eat anything again, reading this forum. So, do you all think I might have celiac ? The absence of symptoms while I was on Adkins is what really makes me wonder. But then there are lots of times I eat bread or noodles and nothing happens. I just don't know what to think. I'd appreciate any thoughts anyone might have.
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