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  1. Omg my bad I meant to say major not hair *** I had a major glutening while I was travelling to India For a week and after that when I came back to US I felt better for a while but I was still having rashes and I got my levels checked and they were 100 also I had a slight elevation in my liver...
  2. After my levels were checked to be 25 I had a hair glutening 2 days after could that have been the reason my recent test results are so high? Can one glutening cause such high numbers?
  3. Hey I was diagnosed celiac in November 2017 with ttg levels above 200 and started on a strict gluten free diet. After 6 months it came down to 100 and I got it checked 3 months back and it was down to 25 but I checked again this week and they were rocket high to 100. What could be the cause of this...