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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I hope you find yourself out of the hospital soon. My GI told me I would know from the endoscopy, gene test and response to the gluten-free diet but he has yet to contact me. He is notorious for leaving his patients hanging with unanswered questions...
  2. So, I had an endoscopy that showed intestinal damage, went off of gluten for two weeks before blood tests because my GI didn’t tell me to keep eating gluten. Tests came back negative. I didn’t want to do a gluten challenge so I had the gene testing done. I’m HLA-DQ8 positive and feeling better glute...
  3. I got an ultrasound result showing something on my liver. Looks like an MRI will follow. Has anyone had liver damage along with celiac?
  4. Thank you everyone for the loads of information. It’s so hard waiting for a diagnosis. In addition to to the above info on my case I guess I still have one gnawing question I can’t get out of my mind... I wasn’t eating gluten (If i ingested any it was very small) for about a week and a half to tw...
  5. I also have anemia, b-12 deficiency and lactose intolerance. I hear those can also coincide with celiac. Thanks for your responses!
  6. This is what my doctor posted on my online chart... A. Duodenum, endoscopic biopsy: Small bowel mucosa with increased intraepithelial lymphocytes and minimal villous blunting. I really really really hope to talk with him this week.
  7. Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this. It’s nice to have a support group. I’m hoping to speak with my GI this week. I’ll let you know what I ultimately find out. Until then no gluten for me. Whatever the diagnosis I don’t have symptoms if I’m not eating it!
  8. Hello, Is it possible to have negative blood tests, positive duodenum biopsy and still have Celiac? I ate a normal diet prior to my beginning symptoms of stomach pain and bloating. My gp put me on meds thinking it was acid reflux. After that didn’t work she sent me for an upper endoscopy. The scope f...