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  1. I posted the other day about my symptoms of dizziness, lightheaded ness, feeling like I’m hypoglycemic (non-diabetic), jittery, nausea, severe anxiety, etc. and got some feedback that I’m likely experiencing gluten withdrawal. Today is day 9 of being gluten free and I’m just not feeling any bette...
  2. Thank you! Thank you! Seems like my symptoms are consistent of withdrawal. They are just so severe. I really wasn’t expecting this at all since my daughter seemed fine when she went gluten free (although she was 3 years old, I’m 36.)
  3. I hope someone can relate and help me. I was diagnosed with celiac a week ago and went gluten free last Monday (1 week today). My daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago so we know the drill really well and our house is entirely gluten free. But since going gluten free I am feeling really terrible. I...