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    I am in Optometry School at Indiana University. I am married to the most wonderful man in the entire world, Walter! I have 3 "kids"...a basset hound named Darla Jo, and two rabbits named Hefner and PJ. I am a volunteer with the Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, so we usually have an "extra" basset hound around, too. If you are interested in any of them (www.bassetrescue.org) just let me know! I enjoy cooking, gardening, driving, crafty stuff and reading.

  1. Hey I'm going on a business trip in a few weeks and just got the itinerary. We will be 'wined and dined' at Omaha Steakhouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Anyone know if they have gluten free options? I'm having a little trouble navigating their website.

    If not, I'm sure a salad sans croutons and a baked potato will be fine. I'm sure I could order a plain steak too.


  2. All very good answers. As far as the wine goes, I don't know....I just have a problem drinking after that many people! I think it's my medical background...ha ha ha. I just see germs everywhere! I did see where EnerG foods makes some Gluten free communion wafers, but then it says they are not recognized by the church. Anyway, I'm like you guys....surely God will understand. Besides, if I don't get into heaven over a communion wafer, I was probably not on the list anyway.

  3. So I know that a church really isn't a restaurant. Just didn't know what category this fit into. Are there any Catholics out there? What do you do about communion? I don't go to church regularly, but when I do, I just don't go to communion....then I look like a sinner! (Which we all are, I know, but no need in drawing attention to it!) Ha Ha! Just looking for some insight!


  4. Hey, I'm hoping this may help you. I know that this is Gluten free, but I'm not certain about the Soy or the Dairy. I get the Banquet brand Crock Pot Classics (herb chicken and rice flavor) in the freezer section. They have all the ingredients in them. All you add is a little water and let them cook all day. Here is a list of the ingredients on the side of the bag...

    Chicken thigh meat, carrots, cooked rice, onions, sauce pouch (water, herb seasoning, [autolyzed yeast extract, modified cornstarch, onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavor (contains yeast extract), dehydrated parsley, spices including turmeric, monosodium glutamate, dextrose and less than 2% polysorbate 80 as a processing aid], salt), green peppers.

    Like I said, it's SUPER easy, SUPER cheap, and SUPER good! I hope you can use this...let me know!

  5. http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/NCT00492960?order=2

    Thoughts? Ideas? Is anyone going to do it?

    Basically, it's a pill taken before meals (three times/day) that will allow the taker to digest gluten. During the trial, you MUST NOT eat gluten...they will deliver the gluten via pill, so they know how much the taker has recieved.

    It sounds interesting, and makes me hopeful, if nothing else...

    If I actually had Celiac, I'd do it. I'm just intolerant though, so they probably wouldn't want me. But you're right...definately something to cross our fingers for and look forward to!

  6. Chicken sometimes is plumped up with broth and then has modified food starch or wheat added to keep the broth from seeping out. Alas, I've found it is safer to order a burger patty at fast food places than it is chicken in any form. Not that Arby's has burger patties. I've checked their menu and see nothing safe for us to eat except perhaps for the potato cakes. Not even sure about those. We have additional food allergies though, so gluten isn't the only worry.

    don't quote me on this, but i believe the potato cakes are not safe (no dedicated fryer). however, i'm thinking that the roast beef is alright, and maybe even some of their salads and of course, the baked potatoes. oh, and the best part is that the jamocha shakes are safe for us! mmmmm

  7. I, too, apologize for taking this past what it started out as. I promise, no more "eye talk" after this! :D

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had such bad experiences. I've found that people are usually either afraid of the optometrist or afraid of the dentist. Funny enough, my husband is terrified of optometrists!!! (for me it's the dentist!)

    If a patient passes out during an exam, the most important thing to do is to make sure they are okay when they regain consciousness. If the patient is okay, then the exam can continue, but if they don't feel well, as the case is many times after passing out, they are asked to come back on a different day to finish the exam. Here's a hint: try not to hold your breath when the doc is doing procedures. MANY patients do this without even realizing it!

    When the light gets shone directly into your eye, it should be a little uncomfortable...maybe even "achy" as Bellyfat describes. If it is painful, like you really can't stand it, then you should let your doctor know. It could be a sign of inflammation like iritis, or you could just be very photophobic.

    Hope this helps ease the anxiety of going to the eye doc!

  8. Missy's Mom, Out of curiosity...where do you go to the optometrist? They should ALL dilate ALWAYS (at least every other year)...not just when they think there may be something wrong. It's kind of like the doctor NOT listening to your heart and lungs when you go because you weren't complaining about them. It's just standard practice to dilate. I agree that there is new technology, but it is no where near as good as an "old fashioned" dilated exam. And it is not uncommon for patients to pass out, so I would think your OD should have had a little better chair side manner than to get pissy because you passed out.

  9. Thanks! I understand how I can be getting sick even when I don't "think" i'm getting any gluten. And I understand that I'm probably getting it without realizing it sometimes due to CC and stuff like that. But I still can't explain why sometimes I DON'T get sick when it is pretty obvious that I should. I guess that's the part that has me the most confused. I mean, anyone with a gluten sensitivity/intolerance, should have been setting up camp in the bathroom after eating Papa Johns...right?

  10. You should go see an Optometrist as soon as possible. Make sure that you get a thorough DILATED eye exam! You should be going to the Optometrist at least once every two years and not just for the glasses/contacts. The dilated part is the most important because optometrists can diagnose MANY diseases and syndromes, etc., simply by looking at the health of the back of the eye.

    Any time you have any sudden visual changes (i.e., Blurred vision, double vision, flashes of light, sudden increase in the number of "floaters") you should see your eye doctor ASAP!

    Hope this helps!


    (I'll be an Optometrist in 21 months!)

  11. Mom ALWAYS makes these for Christmas, so this year I "tweaked" the recipe to make them gluten-free.

    2 cups of Pamelas Baking and Pancake Mix

    1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (I use Extra Sharp)

    1 lb. of sausage (I use Hot sausage)

    Put all this in a big bowl and start kneading. It usually takes about 15 minutes to get all the ingredients incorporated. It looks like there are too many dry ingredients, but trust me...if you knead it long enough, it will make one big "dough ball." Start pinching off pieces and roll into little balls a little bigger than a quarter. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. Using Reynolds Release helps! These things are GREAT and the best part is, that I can't tell a difference between these, and the ones my Mom makes (with Bisquick).


  12. Has anyone eaten at either of these restaraunts (same thing, different names) with any luck? They are in Indiana and Kentucky. I'm wondering because they do have some Atkins items that seem to be nothing more than meat and cheese (yum!) I have emailed them, but don't have a response yet. I'll let you know if I hear anything back. Until then, if anyone has any experience with them, let me know!