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  1. Even though these posts are really old, Infound it doing a search for natamycin. i have been gluten free for 11 years and not had problems. lately I have the rash and bowel and stomach symptopms. I really thought my low dose antibiotic might have some gluten in it but I have started reading labels. I eat amslice of this cheese(Sargento)everyday with my eggs. I usually avoid anything from China anyway so ill be skipping the cheese. I might suggest that also anyone reading this email the company and tell them why you wont be buying the product. I think that in numbers this tactic would work.
  2. I bought some today in the commissary. I had a couple of bowls with milk. have some really bad gas, but I also take a low dose antibiotic which sometimes upsets my stomach. I hope that I can keep eating them.
  3. I think that we all need to email them telling them we love the muffins and that they should have more gluten-free items on their menu.
  4. I slice and cook carrots and then use a little butter or margarine and a tablespoon of brown sugar.
  5. I love mexican food and that is one place that I can eat out. I never eat the chips with the salsa. I actuall pack my own and keep them in my purse so that I can have chips and salsa. One of the places that I eat at uses flour in the gravy so I have to skip that(its more of a fast food type of place). The second place isbetter(called La Tolteca). I ask them to replace flour tortillas with corn for the fajitas. I also frequetly eat papusas when at other mexican places. I probably get a little contaminant gluten but it hasnt bothered me yet.
  6. Try the magazine Living Without. I get annoyed with the magazine because the recipes usually have lots of ingredients elimnated and I only need to elinate gluten. I have a Jules Shepard Cookbook and most of her recipes include alternative for the things many people are allergic to.They have the magazine at our Whole Foods Market here.
  7. I have had Celiacs without major symptoms for years. When I had my first child I got a rash on my elbows. It didnt go away so the dermatoligist did a biopsy. He said my body was making an allergic reation to something in itself. That was 27 years ago. I started having bowel symptoms about four years ago. Two and a half years ago I was finally diagnosed by the guy who did an endoscopy(for reflux). I also was on and off iron poor. When off of the gluten the reflux went away. I am sure the rash that I had 27 years ago was HD. I feel much better and have gained some weight since being diagnosed. You could indeed have celiacs. If not eating gluten makes you feel better, dont eat it. Have you had the blood test for celiacs(the blood protein one)?
  8. I called about the Rice Crunchims and they are gluten free but made in a facility that puts wheat in other products. I eat Natures Path Organic Honeyed Corn Flakes. I really like them. SOmetimes I add raisens or dried apricots to them.
  9. I love Jules Shepards flour blend.(recipe in her book).
  10. I am excited about trying to use the rice wrappers to make spinakopita. Have been having cravings for it. I alo have a question. Do orientals have celiacs? The girl that cuts my hair is about a size minus zero. She is anemic and has had a couple of miscarraiges. I wonder if she could be celiac?
  11. I love the chicken wraps and could eat them for my meal but DH always wants to share. The salmon is really good.
  12. This sorghum flour bread recipe is the best bread that I have had since being diagnosed with celiacs. I am not a big bread eater, but I get cravings for french toast and grilled cheese. The first time I made this DH was hunting. I cut the end off, slathered it with butter(bad, I know). Then I had grilled cheese for lunch and the french toast for dinner. The bread doesnt stay fresh for long so I either send 1/2 a loaf to work with DH to give to a gluten-free person who works with him or as soon as it cools slice and freeze. I really hate baking but anything I have bought ready made is absolutely disgusting.
  13. I am looking for individual sized servings of tamari sauce and some gluten free salad dressings. Any ideas where I can get them. I've tried search engines but I must be wording the search incorrectly. TIA.
  14. Puglover, I do the same thing with the chips. I carry a larger handbag and bring them so I can have the salso.I dont think that I notice slight contamination. I try to avoid it but you really can drive yourself nuts worrying about it. I am really strict at home and dont eat out much. I hate fast food places. I would like to find some individually packaged gluten-free salad dressing to carry around. Also would like to find some individually packaged Tamari sauce. I eat egg drop soup from my Chinese Rest. and its okay with me.(its clear and always made with corn starch).
  15. I used to share parts of meals all of the time but we dont anymore. I dont get a horrible immediate reaction but DH totally understands. He always uses the right side of the toaster oven. I hardly ever have toast(hate to bake and cant find a good bread to buy). He never double dips in the butter. I had to mention this a few times for him to catch on(you can teach an old dog new tricks but they learn mire slowly). There are two gluten-free people at his work and they jokingly call it "the cult". He is very understanding and will eat whatever I cook. He even will eat gluten-free stuff instead of regular.
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