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  1. I didn't know there was over 200 symptoms. My nephew had croup a lot as a baby. Well even now at 11, almost 12 he still sometimes gets it. Maybe that triggered his disease. I know that I'll have to take SO much out of my diet. I love macca's (McDonald's. I hang out with british people online way...
  2. Most restaurants I've gone to in the past few years are Gluten Friendly. They still have "normal" meals. I still haven't gotten formally tested for celiac disease. I just know the symptoms, which I only get with certain foods.
  3. Hey, my name is Jenna. I have the strangest question, and a bonus question. Occasionally when I eat waffles I feel fine, then ___ minutes later I get a stomachache and all sweaty. I can eat other gluten foods just fine. Could it be Celiac's or just gluten intolerance? Bonus: My nephew has...