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  1. Thanks. That's what I had suspected about autoimmune diseases. It seems silly to think that gluten would be the only protein that would trigger that reaction. I'm %95 sure it's whey protein. If I can avoid it I'm fine. I only seem to have a problem when I go out to eat and can't verify that it's...
  2. Thanks. I'll check out the link. I'm positive my problem isn't gluten. When I'm feeling good I can eat it with no problems. I hope you don't mind my posting to a Celiacs forum when I know I don't have Celiacs but the similarity and lack of alternative sources of information led me to post here. ...
  3. I realize that Celiacs is by definition an autoimmune response triggered specifically by gluten but is there any reason to believe that the same response can't be triggered by other proteins? I'm asking because I've been dealing with a problem that seems to be very similar to Celiacs symptoms but...