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  1. There is no doubt I will be having him checked out. But I'm wondering how best to do it. I see the traditional blood test to biopsy pattern, but I also read the paper by Dr. Fine and wonder if the stool test for sensitivity would be less invasive and equally informative.
  2. My dad was dx with celiac about 6 years ago. After checking w/ my docs back then with no real symptoms, both my gp and my ob said no need to test. Now I know better. After more recent research, I found that I had problems w/ constipation, stomach aches as a child. At the time diagnosed as lactose intolerance. About 15 years ago I had a bout of what dr.s called chronic fatigue. I would go straight for blood test and biopsy now, but here's the rub: i have been nearly gluten free for five years. That's when I decided to drop 20 lbs (post baby). The diet emphasized fruits, vegs, proteins and some whole grains. I eat oatmeal a couple times a week, haven't had bread in months, and when I did eat bread it was only five slices a week maybe. I get incidental gluten in soy sauce etc. I spoke to Dr. Fasano (not my doc, just had the opportunity to interview him for work) he said he suspected both a blood test and biopsy would come back negative. He suggested eating more gluten and getting blood and biopsy. But reading these posts and knowing how I would rather not eat that much bread - I'm not expecting belly aches, more fear of gaining that 20 back and I really don't miss it. I was considering simply getting the genetic test and if I have the genes, I clean out gluten altogether. But I want to know something to better inform myself about my son.... He's 6 years old and has a lot of gas. Began complaining of belly aches about a month ago. He's still fine on growth charts. Unlike me, he eats loads of gluten. Blood test? What about that company that does a test with just a finger prick? (it was extremely difficult to draw blood last time he was sick). Any advice is welcome.
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