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  1. Dont recall getting bit by a tick but red meat allergy started recently. Dont think my rheumatologist tested me for lyme. I think he tested Lupus though
  2. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I hope you get to read my message. I got my celiac testing done. TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE AB, IGA => 1 U/mL (Normal Range < 4) IMMUNOGLOBULIN A => 170 (Normal Range 47-310 mg/dL) Does this mean i do not have celiac? I still...
  3. After reading all this, my symptoms are not even 10% of what you went through and im glad you figured it out. I tried home made bone broth for few weeks but didnt notice much difference. How are these collagen supplement? Do i need to take those in addition to the bone broth. Mind linking me the...
  4. Hi Friends in Pain, I am 32 Y/O M. When I was 22, I was diagnosed with anxiety and lactose intolerance. A few months later IBS and ever since I have not had a normal stool. From the age of 28 to 32, I started having tendon and joint issues. At first it was right shoulder injury followed by left...