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  1. I add cornstarch to make it thicker.

    I am also curious about Wyler's bullion, we have jars of chicken and beef in the fridge. I think they have some ingredients that are suspect, but not obvious.


    I just got diagnosed recently, am now inspecting everything I had on my shelves. My Wyler's Chicken Bouillon cubes have wheat gluten right in the list of ingredients. The HerbOx are fine. I think Knorr are fine, too.

    A lot of these things are not clear and since I never had the nastier symptoms many people have when they are exposed to even a small amount, I could ingest gluten without knowing it. It's really helpful to read these messages that tell me when people react to things that seem innocent enough but could be affecting a lot of us without our knowing it!

  2. I just wish our government (Food and Drug Administration and state and local law) was as concerned with standard gluten-free food labeling and ingredient labeling as they were about the Kosher label. It seems to me that if a manufacturer declared a product to be Kosher and it wasn't, the manufacturer would get into more trouble than a manufacturer who declares a product gluten-free in error. One would get a $$Penalty the other an "OOps." Both should be on the same level of concern.

    I suppose one could make the case that the government ought to be even more concerned about the gluten-free problem than the Kosher one because the risk factors are demonstrably higher thereby raising healthcare costs dramatically.

    But I am under the impression that Bush signed into law something earlier this year that mandates the FDA developing standards for the voluntary declaration of processed foods as gluten-free. That is supposed to happen next year or the year after if I'm not mistaken. That would be a good thing.

  3. Here's the abstract to a recent study about EP-B2 (in rats, however):


    Here's more:


    I'll probably be dead of old age before this ever gets to the point where they are willing to say it works for humans, however. Everything takes so much time.

  4. Gosh, I hope that is not true about the rebounding. What are you reading? :( I have also just recently gone on the diet and really hope not to much damage has been done to us. I do believe stress is what brought my symptoms on. <_< I really hope that dizziness goes away.

    I read research findings that say recovery is much slower and sometimes ineffective the older one is at diagnosis. Little kids have the best chance of full recovery. I assumed most folks here would have seen it as I first saw it at Celiac.com, though it is a bit new:


    Whatever. I can't afford NOT to take this seriously -- am the single mother of a 14 year-old boy. But admittedly I'd love to see findings that are more encouraging than this.

  5. I just know that it takes longer at the grocery store... A friend of mine once said, "Don't you wish there was just a pill that would make it better?" To my surprise, my answer to that question is NO! I like having control over my life.... a pill is like putting a band-aid on the disease...

    Have to confess I'd like a pill, something like a Beano right before eating. Wouldn't that be fantastic???

    However, I feel as if I'm eating healthier for sure. More salads, vegetables, etc. This has to be good. Even found cookies I like.

    My concern is not even about eating out in restaurants so much, though I'll miss our favorite Chinese restaurants for sure. My concern is over eating in the homes of others who don't get it, can't get it because they can't get their heads around just how insidious gluten can be and how it lurks in places and things that don't even mention gluten.

    Here in the Boston area, where there are lots of Whole Foods and similar places, people are pretty open to all this, but it's just so hard to explain all the seemingly harmless places gluten hides.

    Sometimes it seems a little like being very strictly Kosher, but this is worse because Kosher foods at least are clearly labeled.

  6. I'm 55, just found out earlier this month. Have had tremendous job stress for the last 2 years, but it got really insane about 5 months ago. The bloatedness has developed correspondingly. However, I've got diverticulosis (diagnosed in 1990) and was told in the mid-90's I have IBS. Had sporadic bouts of very mild anemia before menopause, and recently I noticed I was having some of the same dizziness upon standing that I'd had with those anemia bouts (which ended in 2000).

    This was discovered because I'm about to lose my job and wanted a full checkup. Went to my gastro who ordered CT-scan and then endoscopy when he saw enlarged abdominal lymph nodes and the CT scan showed small intestine inflammation.

    Trying to find this in my family tree. Paternal grandmother died of lymphoma in her late 50's. No way to know about any celiac manifestations in her now. Maternal grandmother (and most of her sibs) had diabetes -- she had diverticulosis, alzheimer's, Type 2 diabetes. No one ever talked about wheat/gluten, etc. back then.

    Our family doctor back in the 50's wondered out loud if I had celiac -- first time my mother heard of it. Never heard of it again until a few years ago when a friend was tested (tests negative) and told me about it. Now I have it, and from what I have read, my chances for real rebounding at this age are not all that great (hope that's not true) -- wish it had been pursued back then, but I didn't really have many of the more specific manifestations most people seem to have.

  7. I worry about how NOT affected I feel by this -- will it wear off, and start to make me crazy every time I see a pizza or a creme puff or a piece of fried chicken? Or a beer.

    I can't believe how NOT tempted I have been (keep in mind this is all very new to me, as my signature attests) to dive into the bagels, muffins and wonderful pastries at the authentic Danish bakery in our town (complete with imported Danish wheat, butter, marzipan, and bakers). I go in to get coffee and to buy bagels for my son, and I see their things and once in awhile I get a brief twinge but then it's no biggie. I see sandwiches on croissants at Whole Foods and all sorts of other things and am barely affected. (I do admit to being bummed out about all the restaurants I can no longer trust, though.)

    And I think to myself, "Wait. Just wait. When the zeal wears thin in a few weeks, or months, look out. This is not real."

    But each time I see these things, a little voice whispers to me, "Lymphoma." Because I was diagnosed after my gastro started evaluating enlarged nodes that showed up on a CT scan and ordered an endoscopy. I haven't had the D so many people speak of, or night sweats. I've had bloatedness, tummy aches that I thought was simply from stress (am losing my job at the end of September), and some iron loss, I think. I've had a tiny bit of weight loss (about 10 lbs.) that could as easily come from not eating due to the 5-month stress of this job thing that took months to reach its final conclusion in mid-July. And I get a pretty good amount of exercise. I'm approaching 56 and just now am learning I have Celiac. Maybe between the job thing and the diagnosis I am just in shock, I don't know.

    But for some bizarre reason it doesn't seem to have hit me yet (or I'm sure I'd be begging for wheat). I don't think I'm in denial, because I AM being very careful, inspecting all labels, checking the web constantly.

    Why isn't this bothering me more? I feel like I should be crazy about this.