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  1. I know what it says, any Celiac knows what is labled may not be the case. Co.s don't always know what their suppliers use in their products! I know what makes me sick! I have been...
  2. Video is on the Honeynut Cheerios web site. https://www.cheerios.com/gluten-free/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Cheerios_Brand_Gluten Free_Exact_P&utm...
  3. https://www.fda.gov/safety/report-problem-fda To file a concern or complaint with FDA.
  4. Gluten can be found in food labled gluten-free due to spices, flavoring, rice syrup produced using barley. Read every ingredient, when in doubt leave it out!! Do your own cooking...
  5. Thank You! Near death experiences at night chocking on my saliva and during day when fully awake, no one cld tell me why!! Thank You!! Amen
  6. Cheerios claim to be gluten free and state on their site that wheat, barley and rye are removed! I became extremely!!! ill from Cheerios which happens with barley! Company will...