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  1. People like YOU stop adequate controls over allegend so that people like ME go hungry. Selfish. Short sighted. And dumb
  2. Yes, my rash comes up with dried fruit. Naturally gluten free doesn't mean anything. Shared lines and the like. May 13th delivery for Gerbs. Amazon also far off for sunny fruit. It's not gluten free enough. I hope you wiseacres never develop DH. Youall deserve the stomach cancer you are gonna...
  3. Eggs are scarce, meat too expensive now, canned fish is in very low supply, veg is not plentiful. I'm having to ration and am dropping weight. I can eat pascha chocolate, or could if there was any on shelves. Ditto wholesome brand sugar. I could eat dried fruit if ppm was better controlled but thanks...
  4. Processed food is not possible for me at all. I get very sick. I fear others eating all this kinda but not really gluten free food are setting themselves up for severe health issues. Just because your symptoms are minimal does not mean you are NOT getting damage. My bad symptoms are a blessing. As...
  5. 20ppm is too high, and naturally gluten free or no gluten ingredients is worthless.
  6. I can't even drink ensure without the rash flaring up. This situation is what I was worried about and got mocked and dismissed.
  7. Derma e anti wrinkle oil is really gentle. I can't say enough good things about it.
  8. Dove. I can use their soaps and shampoo. Andalou naturals gave me a gluten reaction. I can use the face oil from derma_e with no reaction. Badger balm hand cream is fine for me, and their lip balm is certified gluten free. I haven't tried badger balm face creams or toners. Desert essence jojoba oil...
  9. Gluten Frieda do under 5ppm gluten free oats. I can't eat oats, but if you want to try them, that might be an option. I can't eat any processed food (apart from one brand of chocolate) , even years of being strictly gluten free. I truly hope you don't have the same issues.
  10. I've not been able to eat even certified free gluten free processed food for years. Without fail that rash flares up. I'm nursing an awful outbreak right now because I tried out some certified products. It's ok. I either find fresh veg and eggs or I dont. There's still potatoes. I'm not...
  11. If this study proves Celiac patients have slightly worse outcomes they will move down the priority list for very scarce ventilators. If they don't collect the information they won't be able to deprioratize celiac patients. I'm an ugly old woman, but there are children who might be denied...
  12. The Guidelines’ Primary Goal: Saving the Most Lives The primary goal of the Guidelines is to save the most lives in an influenza pandemic where there are a limited number of available ventilators. To accomplish this goal, patients for whom ventilator therapy would most likely be lifesaving a...
  13. And if they find out celiacs don't tend to have good outcomes, they won't even bother ventilating us. I hope no one co operates with this.