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  1. It been what a few weeks since I've posted? Anyway I just bought some gluten free vegan b12 ginger gummies I'm crossing my fingers this will help. Have you any of you ever tried...
  2. It took me a year to start feeling better I remember all I ate was rice and water for an entire year my doc was concern because I lost so much weight. Your stomach is super sensitive...
  3. No I haven't but I will definitely be looking into it! Ever since I stooped the vitamin d my heart has been racing
  4. I am very low on Vitamin D and with this virus going around I'm in need of it, I've tried three different brands so far and about 2 hours later I'm breaking out on my hands and...
  5. Ooh that sucks, the asthma person I went to the other day wasn't wearing a mask but she wasn't coughing. No I'm not self isolating unfortunately have to go out and get food because...
  6. As someone who gets frequent sinus infections and just had pneumonia last month I am very concern about getting this. Plus I've been to several different doctors in just one week...
  7. I know, I tired to buy some gluten free things today and everything was gone I think people are grabbing up the gluten free items because everyone took the "normal food" Also people...
  8. Yes for the past few months after i got off antibiotics my acid reflex has been terrible I have burning and I can't eat anything without burping for hours later. I've been put on...
  9. I've had blood wok done a few weeks ago they said I was really low on Vitamin D but not anything else. I may look into that too.
  10. Okay thank you I went to an ENT and he did a camera through the nose to look at my throat said everything looked fine but a little irritated. Not sure he thins its acid reflux
  11. For the past week I've been having trouble eating and swallowing I choke on my own saliva and water when i do eat it feels like its going down the wrong way. I called my doctor...