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  1. Thank you everyone! I have decided to a bit of research of my own and am starting to gather data from friends and family with celiac or other NCGS through a google poll. Data so far is suggestive that people tend to have cross contamination problems especially when sharing kitchen supplies. I...
  2. Thank you for the thoughtful responses! I am going to talk the my roommates this week and will certainly look into buying my own color corded plates to help ensure this doesn't happen in the future. Have you found, in your experiences, that some soaps or detergents work better at removing gluten...
  3. Hey Guys! I love this forum, full of really useful information. I am new to the gluten free world and have just been diagnosed with celiac disease. I live in a apartment with 2 other roommates that are not gluten free. We share the kitchen, utensils, and various other pots and pans. I try to...