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  1. I agree! Great research that should be given the light of day as it has helped so many people. I went from 150 looking like death to 180 and feeling great. All my symptoms have gone away completely, and all I had to do was avoid all "gluten free" labeled foods and just eat minimally processed whole...
  2. I am going to have to disagree with the article by Christina Graves based on my personal experience with my body. I think that Aristo Vojdani brought some good ideas to the table that many people would have never thought of otherwise. Once I read the study and applied those ideas to my diet fully...
  3. I have learned a lot of things over the years too. Celiac Disease literally means Abdomen Disease. It is just another description of a symptom, or multiple symptoms most likely caused by things you are putting into your belly. There is no one size fits all, because we are all different. I suffered...
  4. Hello, My post is not intended for people who are well. It is intended for people who are sick and giving up on the opportunity to feel well as the OP stated in the thread. Like it or not, there are plenty of people who are not getting results following the advice that the Celiac Gurus have...
  5. There are so many people writing articles online claiming to know what to tell you about Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetaformis. It is important to understand that a lot of the misinformation online is solely based on making profits off of your suffering, whether that be to sell you products...