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  1. Thank you Scott.. it was a shot in the dark. I have an appointment in Tuesday. But only video appointment. Hopefully they can get me in for testing. I ate out once yesterday and that’s the only thing I can trace it to. Who knows though, we change as we get older 😆
  2. What allergy medicine did you take that wasn’t Benadryl? I’ve had the same lil swelling issue as well. Benadryl doesn’t do much for me
  3. Do you have an update on your lip swelling? I’ve had this issue recently as well. Thought I was having an allergic reaction. But have now traced to gluten 🤦🏼‍♀️ Wanted to know if you figured out anything before I do my teledoc appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully my Dr doesn’t think I’m crazy
  4. I have recently had the weird lip swelling as well!!! First it was the upper left and my tongue, I went to urgent care and they treated as allergic reaction. Took about a day to go away. Then it happened again, upper right lip, I thought it was fabric softener, (I’ve also had the itchy hive on m...