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  1. Also forgot to mention, usual celiac response after eating gluten is bloating not sunken stomach. As someone else mentioned, carbs break down into sugar and this could be a sign of pre-diabetes with the frequent urination. Check the other symptoms of diabetes as well. Such as itchiness...
  2. Those are definitely strange and not your typical celiac symptoms. Celiac disease is not a gluten intolerance, it is a very scary autoimmune disease. It literally is your body attacking itself. There are no benefits to eating gluten free unless you have celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. As...
  3. I have become so cautious about almost every food I eat. I bought a Smithfield pork loin (slow roasted golden rotisserie flavor) and it says gluten free but not certified. Was curious if anyone has eaten these and had no symptoms? I called them and asked what their gluten free protocols...