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  1. Awe ty .......I'll keep going for now as all is still ok but will take your advice if things change many thanks
  2. I'm just happy to be feeling healthier I'm digesting my food better also my thyroid was really enlarged and so much better now
  3. Awe thank you so much .....I have had a complete diet change for breakfast I juice broccoli stem 2 carrots 1 orange 1 apple and spinach plus ginger ...lunch home made chicken soups evening meal I make some gluten free from the simply cook range I dont tend to eat out as so expensive.....really...
  4. I have not been diagnosed with anything however just felt very unwell for a very long time...already almost instantly feel so much better
  5. Hi this is my 7th day gluten free with no withdraw symptoms....is this normal or is it possible that could come later many thanks.