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  1. I just bought "Cajun and Southern Gluten-Free Delights" by Aileen M. Bennett. They live in south Mississippi and this cookbook looks like it has several good recipes. For the shrimp gumbo recipe, she uses 1/2 cup brown rice flour and 1/4 to 1/2 cup oil. Her chicken gumbo recipe calls for 5 Tablespoons brown rice flour, 1 Tablespoon cornstarch and 5 to 6 Tablespoons oil. I'm going to make some gumbo this weekend and will let you know how the roux turned out.
  2. I don't eat there - I try to stay away from all those types of restaurants. Where do you live? I'm headed to Greenwood on 12/1 to go to the Viking school.
  3. I'm looking for other people in the Jackson, Mississippi area that are gluten-free/CF -- anyone?
  4. Thank you! I bought some snack foods today at the store. He's going to take his lunch tomorrow and I'll have a gluten-free meal tomorrow night. Today when I was at the healthfood store, a young man that works there told me that he took himself off casein and could immediately tell a difference - he could finally focus. I know that if something doesn't change soon - one of us is going to get hurt and right now, he's the smaller one. I'm going gluten-free/cf but still have a lot to learn about the diet. I didn't do the Enterolab testing but did do some bloodwork at my doctor's office. The first Celiac test came back positive but the 2nd one came back negative. I hurt on my right side almost immediately when I eat and then down the middle of my abdomen. As for my son, bloodwork from Sunnyside Health Center shows that he is gluten, casein and gliadin intolerant. I also need to stay away from citrus. I live in Madison, MS and the cookbooks I've found don't cook very "southern". I'm working on finding recipes that are similar to what we're used to eating. I hear there's a support group here in my area that I need to go visit. Thank you all for you help and comments -- wish me luck!
  5. My son and I are starting the diet tomorrow. He is ADHD and so am I. He has one of the worst attitudes of anyone I've ever met. He's always the victim in everything. He hates me. I'm the cause of all of his problems. He doesn't and can't concentrate in school without medicine. He can't walk through the room and be told to do three things - he can only focus on one and halfway does that one thing. Help!!!!!! I'm starting the diet tomorrow. He'll go to school Thursday and Friday and will be out until the next Wednesday. What should I expect when we start the diet? How long will we see side effects? I believe the diet will help him, I hope that I'm not wishing for miracles. SAR
  6. Thank you all for giving me ideas - I'm changing our diet on Monday - these recipes will help.
  7. Thank you! I think the hardest thing is learning what things to look for in foods. There are so many different types of flour - how do you know which one to use? With all the weird things I've had going on with my body since the first of the year, I'm actually looking forward to changing my diet. I had a hysterectomy last September and in April 2006, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. Since April I've gone from hypo to hyper - I 've had to drop my medicine twice. If I change my diet maybe it will continue to drop to where I don't have to be on Levoxyl anymore. As for recipes, I don't know. I love food! Gumbo, pizza, chicken, beef, veggies --- all of it. I will look at all these chats and see if I can't find some good recipes as well as look at those cookbooks at Amazon.
  8. I'm waiting on my bloodwork now to see for sure if I'm celiac disease. My 11-year old son is being tested as well. I already know that I need to keep him away from gluten and casein. How do you begin the "choosing food that you can eat" stage with celiac disease? Did you go to a health food store to get your food or just learn to read labels at the grocery?
  9. I am waiting for results from my bloodwork to see if I am Celiac. I should know the first of next week. My son is gluten and casein intolerant and it looks like I might be right in there with him. Is there a cookbook that you guys use that is a good cookbook for Gluten-free Casein-free folks? Is there a website?
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