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    History and Genocide Studies<br />Curation, Conservation, and Preservation Methods.<br />Swing Dancing, especially Lindy Hop. <br />Cooking. <br />Maximizing nutrients in meals. <br />Period Clothing.<br />Millinery (especially Cavalier period hats). <br />Prosthetic makeup and theatre makeup (Zombies anyone?). <br />Tea<br />The french language! and all things french.....<br />and last but not least....Chocolate!
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. So school starts on Tuesday. After a year and a month of hives I am finally hive free for 7 days! It is nice to feel pretty in my own skin again. Somedays I thought I looked like a big pink splotch and nothing else. But other than that, I am starting Spring Semester and I have a lot in store...
  3. Today I went to the Gastro- and he said that my symptoms of weight loss, DH, pain, fatigue, and diarreha/vomiting, mean that I am most definetly Celiac. He also said that he is going to do an endoscopy of my small intestine to make sure that everything is healing the way it should. That is going...