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  1. My grandmother was diagnosed with Celiac maybe a year or so ago, and I knew we'd need to provide her with a gluten-free meal. But now a good friend of ours has just been diagnosed a few days ago, and is just learning how to cope with it now. (Who knows...maybe she's on this forum right now!) My wedding is in 2 weeks from today, and I want to know exactly what to tell the caterer. The last time I met with him, I mentioned it, and he just sort of mumbled something about us needing to tell them what my grandmother can or can't have. It is a buffet dinner, and I've listed all the food below, and bolded the things I think they can have...please correct me if I'm wrong. Do you think this is enough food for my grandmother and my friend? I don't want either of them to feel like they're starving. Are there any easy side dishes you'd recommend that I ask the caterer to make for them, assuming they could have the prime rib for their main course? Cocktail hour: fresh fruit and cheeses, vegetable crudite, shrimp cocktail, chicken sauté, mushroom caps, scallop medallions, spinach filo, and seasonal fried selections (whatever that means!). Buffet table: sliced prime rib of beef with horseradish sauce (hopefully on the side-I'll have to check), seafood newburg ala sherry in pastry shell, breast of chicken marsala, stuffed shells marinara, rice verdi, pasta salad vinaigrette, relishes, garden greens with dressings (on the side, I assume), rolls, butter. Dessert table: Italian pastries with seasonal fruits and berries, coffee & tea, wedding cake, ice cream. Thanks everyone...I appreciate it! P.S. My wedding favor are Jelly Bellys, which I researched earlier and found that they're safe. I saw that some people said to avoid the buttered toast flavor because it could have a trace of wheat in it...which I am doing.
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