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  1. Thank you! My dietician told me about this site. So happy I found it. Such helpful information.
  2. Any ways to relieve the burping? Wow sometimes I feel like a burping machine.
  3. Thank you for the information. I will check it out. It could be non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.
  4. When I get glutened, I have heart palpitations and burping. My symptoms last for at least three days. Does anyone else have a few days of symptoms before feeling better? I am thinking that gluten must be in the body for a few days?
  5. Thank so much for your reply! I thought I was having a heart attack, too. Cardiologist said my heart was fine. I had EKG, heart monitor for 2 weeks, etc. My PCP had me on omprazole for 8 months which did nothing to help. I was told I had acid reflux. Finally after researching on-line I read...
  6. I have had it done twice, too. Very easy, no worries.
  7. Hello Does anyone ever get heart palpitations after eating along with burping? Could this be symptoms of gluten or lactose intolerance? Thanks you