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  1. i'm sorry if i gave you the wrong impression cathy, i wasn't having a dig at you at all. all i meant to say was that i discovered, after doing a bit of research, that microwaves and plastics seem to be a dangerous combination. personally i would stay clear of them. that's all.
  2. Hi Yes Peggy, you get the chocolate from Oxfam, or TradeAid in NZ. it's a bit on the expensive side but boy is it moorish and such a treat ($5.90 big bar). I do volunteer work there, if only i could exchange my time for chocolate . Thanks for looking at my site Cathy. I came up with the...
  3. Hi, I'm a kiwi! Just wanted to add a few things, the nice and natural bars are fantastic, yum yum yum. apparently the melbourne expo was great, over 10,000 people went! the best chocolate you can buy is fairtrade dark chocolate, gluten free, dairy free, and sooooooooooooooooooo yum! plus you will...