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  1. My doc tested me 2 weeks ago for Chrone's Disease to rule it out but he feels I have Celiac. since my daughter found out she has it 3 yrs. ago. I have done alot of reading on this and even went gluten/wheat free for a week to see if I noticed a difference. I did!!! I wasnt starving an hour after I ate and my abdomin pain seem to lessen and I didnt look like a mini balloon. BUT.... I noticed I was very tired all the time!!! Is this a reaction to the diet? I have ordered a "home Celiac test" that I have found online, because I am impatient and cant wait for my doc appt. next week. I have noticed a big difference going back to the regular eating. Does anyone else have problems being tired on the Celiac diet? Is there something to help?
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