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Melissa Mandrick

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About Me

I have been diagnosed with celiac disease for 6 years now. No one I. My family nor in school truly understand the danger it is and can be. I was born this way. At 14 years old doctor did a scope to view my stomach I had 1/4 of my stomach left and have scar tissue to this day. I was so close to dying, just a month or two I would have bleed out. Even with my change of diet it feels like my digestive system will stop functioning and it will all be over. People can replace organs but not people with celiac. We truly only have one go, my stomach will never be the same,I will never be the same.

  1. A few years ago cheerios had aired commercial saying that the cereal is gluten free by removing the wheat germ in in the gain. I don't get it I thought about cross-contamination .just because you remove it. I wish companies were not aloud to say the are gluten free because their factories aren't...
  2. stomach bleeding ulcer or leaky gut. from the internal damage from gluten.
  3. it just from all the internal damage and scar tissue. it just never held or ever little. just something I have to live with. After all not like they can replace my whole digestive track. I have a feeling it wont last long my body just gives out on me from being worn out and lack of functioning the...
  4. Melissa Mandrick

    no one believes

    Just because others can't see what going on inside doesn't mean the the pain you feel isn't there. Not faking it! How long to we have to suffer before someone believes in want we are saying. No one believed me and when I found out I had celiac. Doctor caught it at the last second. He said if no one...
  5. The nearest support group is hours ago so it really cant be considered local.
  6. Mine never really stopped. I throw up about every other month for a period of time at home or at public restrooms. Then go about my daily business as if I never happened.
  7. iron supplement along with daily women's vitamin gummy. The gummies are so concentrated it ends up tasting like barf! YUM.
  8. I get it but, Is it right for the schools general manager food services to say that used because he thought it was to bothersome to take my safety inconsideration when I told him that the lunch ladies were cross-containing a newly diagnosed patient and the lunch ladies lied about the whole situation...
  9. Melissa Mandrick

    Being Compared

    Once my celiac disease was compared to a person with a peanut allergy! They have nothing to do with each other.😠