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  1. I've been reading quite a bit and I've learned that when they take a biopsy of your small intestine during an endoscopy and they find the villi laying down, they call this a celiac positive...if I'm correct. However, I've also learned that leaky gut can also have damaged villi (villi that is laying down)...so if both issues have villi that lays down...why is it only considered Celiacs? I may be very misinformed....does anyone know the answer to this?
  2. My husband is gluten intolerant (we don't think at this point that he's full blown Celiac...it's a long story). He also has other intolerances such as milk, citrus and vinegar. He's not handling this well and I'm wondering does anyone know of a Celiac chapter or a place we can go in Roanoke, Va to find help with where to eat, etc? We've gotten creative with cooking at home (well sort of) but eating out is a real bear for us at this point. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Tameka
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