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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Got Careless - Paying The Price

    What kind of probiotics do you all take?
  2. Got Careless - Paying The Price

    Thanks all. I'm pretty sure she just had vit. d levels checked out. She's been diagnosed over 20 years btw. I am getting her one of those lights this year for the holidays or her bday. She will be 86 in two weeks.
  3. Got Careless - Paying The Price

    We're a week out though. Last Sunday night is when she ate most of the meal, but she reminded me she took some home and ate it last Monday. Is there anything she can do now to remedy things or just has to ride it out? And she is on a tiny dose of meds for depression, which she keeps telling the doctor she doesnt need (but she does). Things get confusing every winter as we all try to figure out what is really going on.
  4. Got Careless - Paying The Price

    Can you all tell me what you do in the event you consume gluten? My elderly Mom apparently encountered some tainted food last week when we went out to dinner. I was skeptical of the restaurant and the wait staff was pretty ignorant. I suspect they put her chicken on bread and yanked the bread, or cooked alongside something with flour. So now Mom is not feeling well...abdominal pain,gas, barely eating but hungry. She tends to get depressed and turn things into situations which are worse than they are, every winter. Every winter, without fail. I told her to ride this out another couple days, but she is talking about urgent care and doctors and drinking Ensure and the whole nine yards. Is there anything you can do to speed up the healing process and/or anything you all like to eat if this happens? It's hard for me to sort out the real true problem from the winter depression (which manifests in this same sort of way.)
  5. Mom Thinks She Ate Something Bad

    Thanks for the replies. I think she is doing better. She's been Celiac for many many years, and this hasnt happened very often. We just didnt read carefully on the label. The nuts were not on the fruit, but she did almost eat one.
  6. My 84 yr old Mom accidentally ate a walnut from the McDonalds fruit salad. She actually may not have even eaten the supposedly coated walnut, but spit it out (she's not sure). That was last Wednesday and she is still complaining of problems today. Mom tends to do things like take too many supplements, which also affect her tummy, and it's kind of hard sorting out how she really feels and what is causing what. My question is, how long do the affects really last from something like this or is it different for everyone? Thanks for any info you can reply with.
  7. Testing For Gluten Creeping Into Diet?

    We'll see if the doctor will order it. Two years ago, the same doctor told me that a diagnosed Celiac never needed to be checked again. But, one of the Celiac authors said otherwise.
  8. Testing For Gluten Creeping Into Diet?

    Every single blood test in the panel for someone diagnosed over 20 years?????????? Just want to make sure nothing is slipping by......
  9. Need an answer on this pretty quick. Mom has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I wrote about her in another post. She's 83, and having a few tummy woes and edema. Can anyone let me know if they still have testing done for the possibility of gluten slipping by in the diet even years from diagnosis? If so, what test (Gliadin IgA, ttg, IgG?). Thanks for any info, which I need by Monday.....
  10. Suggestions For Elderly Mom

    The Edema is in both legs and both knees. Do we have any documentation anywhere that says this is a possible Celiac related problem? Magnesium levels have recently been checked and things are fine.
  11. Suggestions For Elderly Mom

    Well, her description of how she says she feels, is the same as in the past when she did accidentally ingest some gluten. And she isnt opposed to having it checked. Her meds consist only of 2 blood pressure meds, that's it plus the antidepressant. She did have to go into the hospital last time this happened, and we determined she had been buying lots of supplements and vitamins from all over the place, and things like odd herbal teas etc. Her whole system was off, and they had to work with her sodium levels. I tried to clean out the house while she was in the hospital, but I think she did go and buy more stuff again in the last two years. Also, she seems to have dropped her guard a tiny bit when she eats out....especially if I am not with her. My concern is Asian restaurants where we're not guaranteed the kitchen keeps any food separate. Need advice on ttg or Gliadin IgA, IgG? The doctor will do it for me, as long as I prove I know what I am talking about! Last time I supplied the doctor with research articles.......
  12. Suggestions For Elderly Mom

    I kinda sorta dont think so. Because as I said, last time she had the same complaint, they gave her every single test in the book including MRI's, CT Scans, Abdominal dopplar, Ultrasounds and blood screening for cancer. Once she was on anti-dpressants, all her tummy woes and other fears went away. She developed symptoms after a cancer doctor visited her Celiac support group. The doctors determined she had been coming up with a lot of symptoms, simply by reading about things (and because she was depressed and convinced she was sick.)
  13. Haven't checked in since the last time this happened, but here goes. My Mom is 83. She has had Celiac for over 20 years. She does really well keeping gluten free, but, now and then I think maybe she slips up a bit (with things like vitamin supplements, and restaurants she isnt sure about). Two years ago she went through some depression, which led to her thinking she had all sorts of things wrong with her. She had a lot of tests done, they never found anything and when the depression was treated, she dropped all the complaints she had. Now this has started up again, and I am trying to prevent a whole series of unnecessary medical tests. My first thought, no one ever checks her blood to see if there is gluten creeping in. I would assume an IgA would work, but last time I did this, I dont think the primary care doctor even ordered the correct blood test. I need to make sure on which one to ask about. The doctor thinks there is no way that gluten could be creeping in, and that once you are diagnosed that is the end of the need for testing. This week she saw a gastro doctor for an annual follow up visit. She told that doctor she was feeling a fullness in her abdomen. That doctor also did not order any blood test to check on gluten, but ordered a bladder emptying test and ultrasound of female organs. Mom had a full abdominal cavity CT scan two years ago, when she had the same complaint and they never saw anything wrong with anything. She also had cancer screeings, and vascular tests of her abdomen etc. Again, they never found one thing wrong and her complaints went away when the depression was treated. She is seeing her primary doc on Monday for a follow up to some edema in her legs. I suggested we go with that first, rather than the bladder test etc. The gastro had ordered the bladder test, and ultrasound putting down 'complications of Celiac" as the reasons for ordering the tests. ? ? ?huh?? If this isnt making sense to anyone here, it sure isnt to me. I just want my ducks in a row before I take her to the doctor Monday. So, if anyone can suggest what to look for, ask about etc. please can you reply to this post???? thanks.
  14. Well, even though she mAy be out tomorrow, Mom isnt doing well. She had tummy trouble for about two months and lost weight. Now they say she was taking too many supplements and gave herself pancreatitis. They feel that will go away and we threw away the pills. But she is mentally a bit off because she is afraid of food, loses weight, has trouble finding foods she likes (the pancreas part caused a problem with fats). She also developed this fear of lonliness or being alone. Not easily remedied because she has her house and would have to sell it to move into assisted living. And I think she is better off in her own home with her Celiac proof kitchen. So we dont know what to do. The whole deal has spun into one huge circle of messes, and we dont know how to fix it. I did get her gluten free cereal to the nurses station and some rice crackers and other goodies, but if she is sent home I have to figure out what to get her to eat, especially if they still limit her fat intake. What a mess.
  15. I was just called to a meeting with the doctor and several administrators plus the lady who called about the nursing home. Clearly they were trying to cover tracks up. What they said was it is protoco to assess someone in my Mom's condition and determine if they need skilled nursing when they are released from the facility. However, I had to sit there and state firmly that no, MOm and I were told she was not being allowed to go home. Since we had so many important people at this meeting, we also addressed the food issue. We stated that here is a lady who needs to gain weight, and you are not feeding her proper foods. The grievance rep made notes and the doctor and other lady said they will immediately work on things. I sent my husband to Mom's to get foods from her house, and Mom was blessed that this morning she found an adbocate--the day nurse took it upin herself to start seeing to it that Mom was goin gto have many snacks, and another visit from the kitchen dietician.