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  1. as knitty kitty said it may well be thiamine deficiency or gluten, dairy or all three. maybe you could bring this up with your doctor ? with the inhaler situation that is the same as me they had me on max strength and nothing helped till I sorted it out myself with dietary changes. asthma is...
  2. wondering if anyone has had body aches after consuming gluten ? particularly in the right hip/ tummy area,where my ovaries are sorta. maybe why I'm paranoid haha. it just seems very sore and is a theme I get but I suppose I wanted reassurance from others ? or is it just me. I also get it in the shoulder...
  3. Thats what made me click onto have a gluten and dairy problem! My symptoms were wheezing, tight chest and rapid heart beat. Do you have asthma by any chance? I do and gluten and dairy are bad for it in my case. Since I've cut them out and gone vegan it's Improved. Also please make sure...
  4. thank you for the replies. it does seem to be when i consume dairy and or gluten. then its battle stations haha. i will defo keep a food journal though thank you.
  5. ah, well im glad its not just me. happened again this morning when my partner decided to blend up some oats in the kitchen😵
  6. heya, just wondering if anyone else experiences these things after consuming gluten also ? head fog and heaviness migraines collapsing and pretty bad mood changes.this seems to also come from dairy, it really effects my personal life. smell change when everything smells stronger...