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    Proving that all autoimmune disease is caused by undiagnosed chronic infections like Lyme Disease and Candida. Why else would my body attack *me*?<br /><br />If you ask me, infection (be it bacterial such as Lyme or fungal such as Candida) is the root cause of what science calls *genetics*. My grandmother had *Alzheimer's*, they say. If she had Lyme Disease, which had not even been discovered back then, she could have theoretically passed the Lyme BUG (what science then calls a defective **gene**) onto my dad and then me. Though it would appear to have *genetic* basis, perhaps what was *shared* was not genes, but rather common infection, something that *science* has failed to investigate as a cause a cure to ALL disease, not JUST Celiac's.
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    Kutztown, PA

  1. I just bought some brown sugar and molasses. I just want to cover the taste of the bone meal I'm taking to get calcium and B12 and to flavor my unflavored yogurt since most fruits bother me.

    Is brown sugar the same as cane sugar? Do people who have trouble with cane sugar have trouble with brown sugar and molasses.

    I have trouble with corn, rice, flax, hemp...any *grain* people find one they don't react to? I bought tapioca and buckwheat, but I've yet to try either.

  2. It's possible some of the foods I'm reacting to are from the Lyme and Bartonella my new doc suspects I have. He also wants to run another blood test because he thinks they missed subclinical hyperthyroidism.

    It's not looking good. I read the choices are meds, radioactive I treatment, or surgery. Anybody on here have experience with Grave's to give me a list of pros and cons to each treatment? How has the Grave's affected you long term? Thanks...

  3. I'm not the only one who thinks this is too coincidental. I have a hunch that all of us with so called food "allergies"...MS? Lupus? Rheumatoid Arthritis? Muscular Dystrophy? Myasthenia Gravis? Sjogren's Syndrome? Chronic Fatigue? Irritable Bowel? ADHD? Schitzophrenia?...are really walking around with some sort of systemic infection. At first I was thinking candidiasis, and that may still be a part of this. But I read so many posts on the Lyme Disease forum about people who had gone undiagnosed for years only bacause they had not developed the "classic" bull's eye rash of Lyme to alert their doctors. One woman had actually walked around for 20 years thinking she had MS.

    Look at the maps and the graph. Autoimmune disease, neuromuscular disease, food allergies are all on the rise. I'd be curious to have a breakdown of each "disease" to see how they correspond with the maps and graph. I know my symptoms began around this time. Makes me wonder. I have Rinne to thank for tipping me off...

    Lyme Disease (Info, Map, Graph)...not thrilled with how they diss testing you unless you present enough symptoms or how they diss alternative therapies while recommending you wait until you have *enough* symptoms, but some good info:


    Lyme Disease Risk Map:


    More Info on Lyme Disease:


    Lyme Forum

    http://www.Lame Advertisement/contact.shtml

  4. Hey guys. I figured since I probably spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a vitamin/mineral supplement that didn't trigger my symptoms, I should share this with you. I have yet to find a vitamin supplement, but at least I'm getting my minerals with NO PAIN! It's free of sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, glutan, corn, soy, milk, egg, preservatives. (How's that for allergen-free!;) NOW Full Spectrum Minerals. It is the only complete supplement so far that doesn't trigger symptoms. I'm still looking for a vitamin supplement. It's possible I react with the ingredient in Vitamin C. If any of you had success with a vitamin supplement, let me know. I've yet to find the other *half* of nutrition, but this is a good start.

  5. I've been doing a lot of research to find out what I can do on my own because my doctors don't believe I have gluten problems. In fact, even with a positive egg allergy, my doc thought I was anorexic, not even asking me if I'd been eating bacon and eggs every day for breakfast. But I read that colloidal silver used to be used to treat things like candida, if you believe in the leaky gut/chronic candidiasis theory. Anybody ever try colloidal silver? I'm tempted to try it and see if it helps. This it what they used to kill microorganisms before Pfizer.

  6. I had a negative blood test for wheat and glutens. A negative biopsy as well, though I'd gone gluten-free about a month or so before the biopsy. I'm determined to prove an allergy to my doctors (my only confirmed blood allergy test is eggs). I was just wondering if any of you had a reaction to the skin testing, be it trouble breathing, soreness, swelling, or GI related. I have equivocal anti-striatal muscle antibodies and I'm just scared to death, my reactions have been so severe. Thanks!