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  1. Gemini - thank you for your detailed reply. It was very helpful. I've decided I am comfortable with the decision to be gluten-free and not worry about the biopsy. Again thank you for your time and interest.
  2. Hi Scott - thanks for the replies. I don't believe my doctor intended for the GI to diagnose me with Celiac. I believe if I recall he said that a GI is specialized in the disease and would better understand my needs going forward and that is why I was referred. I believe the reason for going...
  3. It was good to hear that WBC low is normal for Celiac. One post I read suggested Lupus as I believe that will destroy white blood cells. You never know what you're reading though on the internet so I was not sure and the PCP did not know what might be causing it. Yes, Gemini, the doctor did...
  4. I was wondering if anyone has done the video endoscopy capsule (VEC)? I don't want to do the traditional endoscopy, so I read this is an alternative. From what I understand there is a risk of the capsule getting "stuck" along the way? I'm not sure the VEC is even necessary. I was diagnosed about...
  5. Thank you for the replies. Yes, PCP did diagnose Celiac and told me to go on a gluten free diet immediately, which I have been doing for about a week. He did refer me to a GI, but with crazy virus situation the appointment was at that time over two weeks. Yes, other symptoms lost 30 pounds over...
  6. I am a newbie and I was wondering what does it mean when your bloodwork comes back and reads - Transglutaminase IgA >250 | and Gliadin IgA >89? The PCP said I had Celiac and referred me to a GI, but with limited appointments I can't get in to see GI for over a week. Do those numbers pretty...