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  1. I've been waiting before posting this hoping that I'd figure it out on my own but I don't know what to do. I've been baking gluten-free for several years and everything was alright but last month I baked a gluten-free cake (normal recipe that I converted) that I had baked before and when I took it out of the oven there was on "off" smell. I don't know how to describe it (the closest is like vanilla that is bad but this had no vanilla in it) but it wasn't right - definitely not the way all of my gluten-free baking used to smell. So I bought ALL new ingredients and scrubbed every bowl and pan that I use (even my flour storage and my oven) and baked the same cake - and it smelled the same! I decided to bake several different things that used different ingredients and different pans - brownies, cookies, muffins - smelling every ingredient before adding it (they all were ok) but it all had the same smell after baking. As much as I dislike wasting food, you become accustomed to some in-edibles when you experiment at gluten-free baking but this is horrible and a huge waste of time! So today I baked a lemon chiffon cake that smelled ok while it was baking (and looks gorgeous!) but when I cut it - there was that smell! Since no two of the things that I baked use exactly the same ingredients, the only thing that they all had in common is the flour mix that I create from the different rice flours. I just don't know how or why the exact same brand might be "bad" - if it was ok from one lot and then bad from the same lot and then the new lot is also bad? My last attempt will be to buy a prepared flour mix later this week but if that doesn't work I don't know what I will do! Has this has happened to anyone else? Has anyone got any ideas what is causing it? Thanks!
  2. I'm so glad! This was the first time that I baked something gluten-free that didn't need anything done to it (heating, toasting) to give it a normal texture and it's also the first time that I ate all of what I baked! It was still moist 5 days later.
  3. I'd LOVE to do a white or yellow but I don't know what to use instead of the chocolate. In this recipe I think that the chocolate powder is like additional flour. I was thinking gluten-free (non-dairy) vanilla pudding mix?? BTW - I just put a layer or raspberry preserves in a couple - unbelievable! And using preserves instead of frosting these are really low fat!
  4. My biggest complaint about using gluten-free recipes is that they call for about 20 different ingredients to attempt to come close to the "real thing". This recipe is from RecipeZaar and all I did was change the flour to a gluten-free Multi Blend Flour Mix. It's unbelievably easy and comes out moist and fluffy - no grit or crumbles. I cut the cupcakes and put vanilla ice cream inside and it tastes like real ice cream sandwiches. This is the recipe for the gluten-free Multi Blend Flour Mix 1 cup brown rice flour 1
  5. It's great being invisible. I guess that it's too much to ask that the recipe's creator (who also created this site) provide all of the information necessary in his recipe or to at least check the comments on the recipes that he provides (considering that he asks for comments!).
  6. Has anyone baked the White Bread #2 (Gluten-Free) ? http://www.celiac.com/articles/457/1/White...Free/Page1.html It got rave reviews so I am attempting it but the recipe doesn'y say what the consistency of the batter is supposed to be after adding the liquid ingredients. I got a slightly thick liquid - is that right? Or is it supposed to be a dough? Most recipes provide that information but this has nothing. I baked a similar recipe that came out as a dough but that didn't bake all the way through but it was a real loaf of bread - squooshy and soft and stayed that way for several days (but I was only able to eat the outside). Thanks!
  7. I happened to glance at the labels of a couple of items that I know to be Gluten-free ("normal" food products) and right under the ingredients it now says "A Gluten-free product"!!!!!!!!! Has anyone else noticed this? I am so excited to see it - it shows that we're finally getting some recognition from the big manufacturers. If only we'd be able to reach those who changed from Gluten-free to adding wheat to something that never needed it!
  8. I baked the French bread from recipezaar and it was really great right out of the oven - the crust was a real crust and it tasted like real bread but the next day - not so great (although it did taste like real freshly baked French bread does the next day which is also not so great). Since I am alone the recipe is too much to eat at once (and there are 3 egg whites so it isn't really possible to cut the recipe) and I don't want to freeze it so I was wondering if it is ok after it is shaped to freeze the dough. I always did it when I baked "real" bread years ago - I'd let the dough double in size then I'd punch it down and shape it and before letting it double in size the second time I'd wrap it and freeze it and when I was ready to bake the next one I'd just take it out and let it sit for a couple of hours. I'd love to be able to divide this into portions that I'd bake each day. Thanks!
  9. I came across this Gluten Free Shortbread Recipe on another site so I baked it and it was like eating grainy sugar crumbs - it was awful! These are the ingredients - 1/2 cup cornstarch 1/2 cup icing sugar (confectioner's) 1 cup rice flour 3/4 cup butter Since it had the cornstarch as being added separately I used just rice flour and not the gluten-free flour mix. Do you think that's why it was so bad? Or possibly it needed Xanthian Gum? Is there any way to turn this into a decent cookie? I just want something that requires few ingredients and except for gluten-free flour mix not a lot of gluten-free specific ingredients. Thanks!
  10. I bought EnerG brand. I put what I need in a small plastic bottle and I seal the remainder in a ziplock bag. I keep it in the closet.
  11. What exactly will Sweet Rice Flour substitute for and in what proportions? I bought some thinking that I'd be able to use it instead of rice flour but I was corrected on that so now I need to know what to use it for. Thanks!
  12. I bought a small spray-on Benzocaine and used it a couple of times for a couple of days on a cut and I don't feel great the next day. I'm not eating anything different - this is the only new thing that I am using. There's nothing in the ingredients that I'm able to see but since this isn't a food product who knows? Has anyone had any experience using products like this?
  13. OK - it didn't let me say the site - think of a big river.
  14. I bought a big package on Lame Advertisement a while ago - their prices aren't bad for food items.
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