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  1. I would have to say that the UK is the best place to be living gluten-free....I just did a MA program here, and find it EASIER to cope than living in the states. Good luck!
  2. FYI Cadburys in the UK has an excellent website that allows you to sort their products by food allergies/intolerances...they do have many products that are gluten free! Good luck.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if I could have your thoughts on something. I was diagnosed two years ago after getting to the point of nearly dying. I have maintained a gluten-free diet since then, but have continued to have strange symptoms, including new symptoms I didn't have when I was eating gluten. The worst part has been continued stomach, skin, mood swings, terrible PMS, fungal infections, horrendous cravings for chocolate, alcohol and sweet things, and panic problems. I seem to feel totally out of control most the time. They are very random. I have had a gluten-check up and my panels all come back at zero level of anti-bodies, and I am sure it's not gluten. What I started to notice was that when I was trying to lose weight (and cutting back on sweets) all of my symptoms would go down to almost nothing. After doing a lot of reading, I started to consider that maybe I have a problem with candida (yeast overgrowth). For the last two weeks I have been avoiding sugars (including fruit), alcohol, too much starch, and taking pro-biotics, and holy cow, I am almost back to normal!!!! I am in the UK (where I dont have a choice of what doctor I see) and my doctor has diagnosed me with panic disorder and tried to get me to take anti-depressents. I told him that I thought he was terrible wrong, and that I was sure it was food related. I am starting to think I might be right. Anyone else has similiar experiences? I noticed many people on here have the same problems I do. Could it be from sytemic yeast overgrowth???
  4. I put up with this for years as well. It makes you start to doubt yourself. My only advice to you is listen to what you think is true (in your own head and body)..... I know that there are specialized Celiac clinics in the UK...there is one near me in Oxford. Can you get a referral to one of these clinics? I was only diagnosed last April and it takes time to get it right. Good luck. Oh, yes. I have terrible leg pain as well...mostly in my shins. It has gone away on a gluten free diet. It was so bad it hurt to touch my own legs in bed with my feet:) Good luck!
  5. I found that Trader Joes and Whole Foods have gluten free food lists on their websites. PCC is very helpful if you just ask. Mark, an employee at the Freemont store, new all the great new gluten-free products the last time I was there. Good luck!
  6. I just received an email from NARS this morning confirming that their cosmetics DO NOT contain wheat or gluten. This is great news! Does anyone else have any other reccomendations for lipstick/lipgloss/lip balm? I realized mine were making me sick. Thanks!
  7. When I get glutenated, I have the symptoms of mental illness. I have paranoia and hallucinations. It is terrifying, but for me it goes away completely when I am gluten free.
  8. Hi, I was just back visiting my home town, Seattle, and I had a great dining experience at the Pink Door on Post Alley in the Pike Place market. Our waitress was very well informed about celiac disease and helped me find what I could eat on the menu AND the chef came out and talked to me. He also seemed to know what he was talking about. It was great! I have been living in Poland for the last two years where I can't eat out at all, so this was a special treat. The Pink Door has always been one of my favorite places, so I am glad I can still go there!
  9. I had terrible balance and walking problems too! I would be standing still and just tip over. I would also have the feeling that I couldn't really control my legs. It was terrifying. I could also barely type. My symptoms went away pretty quickly after going gluten free. Good luck!
  10. Being cold all the time is a symptom of thyroid malfunction, and people with celiac disease are more at risk for thyroid problems. My coldness went away after I went gluten free and my thyroid function improved.
  11. When I went off gluten I got "nail in my brain" headaches for a few weeks. I still occasionally get them (maybe once a month) but the longer I am gluten free the less they happen.
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