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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if I could have your thoughts on something. I was diagnosed two years ago after getting to the point of nearly dying. I have maintained a gluten-free diet since then, but have continued to have strange symptoms, including new symptoms I didn't have when I was eating gluten. The worst part has been continued stomach, skin, mood swings, terrible PMS, fungal infections, horrendous cravings for chocolate, alcohol and sweet things, and panic problems. I seem to feel totally out of control most the time. They are very random. I have had a gluten-check up and my panels all come back at zero level of anti-bodies, and I am sure it's not gluten.

    What I started to notice was that when I was trying to lose weight (and cutting back on sweets) all of my symptoms would go down to almost nothing. After doing a lot of reading, I started to consider that maybe I have a problem with candida (yeast overgrowth). For the last two weeks I have been avoiding sugars (including fruit), alcohol, too much starch, and taking pro-biotics, and holy cow, I am almost back to normal!!!!

    I am in the UK (where I dont have a choice of what doctor I see) and my doctor has diagnosed me with panic disorder and tried to get me to take anti-depressents. I told him that I thought he was terrible wrong, and that I was sure it was food related. I am starting to think I might be right.

    Anyone else has similiar experiences? I noticed many people on here have the same problems I do. Could it be from sytemic yeast overgrowth???

  2. Hi,

    I was just back visiting my home town, Seattle, and I had a great dining experience at the Pink Door on Post Alley in the Pike Place market.

    Our waitress was very well informed about celiac disease and helped me find what I could eat on the menu AND the chef came out and talked to me. He also seemed to know what he was talking about. It was great!

    I have been living in Poland for the last two years where I can't eat out at all, so this was a special treat.

    The Pink Door has always been one of my favorite places, so I am glad I can still go there!