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  1. I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for any info I can get on cosmetics. Being in my 40's I've become more interested in finding really good quality cosmetics - and I've become really careful about only using gluten-free cosmetics (or trying to!). I know only gluten that is ingested is supposed to be of concern (and that was the exact answer I received from Cover Girl when I wrote asking about their cosmetics), but after happily using a new foundation (light, good coverage, nice tone) I started getting new break-outs, itchy-watery eyes, headaches, and worst of all, a nerve twitch underneath my right eye (eliminated use of product = symptoms went away). Now I err on the side of caution, rather than take the chance. Any cosmetic / hygiene product information anyone has gathered for sharing is most appreciated. I now rely a lot on Bare Escentuals because I heard they were gluten-free but would love to be able to use a couple of my old standbys. (aveda volumizing spray? Salon Grafix hair spray? Maybelline mascara?)
  2. Hi there - this is my first day on this message board and your post was one of the first I noticed - lots of people have been through what you're going through - that's why the average time from 'noticing' symptoms to date of diagnosis is so many years! One thing you might consider is to contact www.enterolabs.com. They have a stool sample test that you can do at home, that is not too very expensive if I remember correctly. I think that even this test is better if you are still on a gluten-containing diet when you test, but I think you can test reliably with this method for several months even after you begin a gluten-free diet. I completely understand about 'just wanting to know for sure'. It's completely understandable to want to say "see, I knew what was wrong with me!" But it's also part of just having that sense of having the answers in life that matter about your life and having your own validation. Greatest of luck!
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