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  1. We live here in Ohio and my husband,Jeff who has celiac sprue gets the medium traditional wings. We ALWAYS ask them to spin them in a clean bowl(so there isn't any cross contamation). And they have always been fine. He has had them at the BW3's in North Myrtle Beach too.
  2. Hi, Has anyone tried the Gluten Free Bisquick? If you haven't yet I highly recommend it. I made the chicken strips recipe on the box, and buscuits that taste JUST LIKE Red Lobster cheese buscuits. Also made the pancakes, they were awesome, it was the first time my husband, Jeff has had pancakes in 5 years. I just wish the Bisquick box was bigger.
  3. Hi Is there any cookie recipe that you are looking for? Like peanut butter kissy cookies, or I guess I mean any certain flavor? My husband, Jeff has celiac and I have been cooking/baking for him since he was diagnosed over 3 years ago. If you could tell me what kind you are looking for I might be able to help. Thanks Sue
  4. Hi, I make my husband, Jeff (he has Celiac Sprue) gluten free breakfast bars. I use gluten free rice crispie ceral, marshmallows, butter and peanut butter. Its just like making rice crispie bars with peanut butter, he usually takes one of those and banana to work every morning. On the weekends we have eggs, sausage & hash browns. Sue
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. Hi I found the Betty Crocker mixes too at our grocery store here in town. I have made the chocolate chip cookies several times (my husband really likes those) the yellow cake, and the brownies, still have the chocolate cake mix in our panty:) Sue
  7. Hi, We go on vacation to Myrtle Beach every summer. My husband, Jeff has celiac and the places we like to eat are Cheeseburger in Paradise (they have a website so you can look at their menu) their cheeseburgers are so good. Also we have been to the Dixie Stampeed if you decide to go their you need to make reservations and at that time tell them you need a gluten free meal. Our waitress was very helpful and knew what my husband could and couldn't have. The food was great and so was the show. Outback, Bonefish Grill and have been to Red Lobster (he usually gets lobster or crablegs with garlic mashed potatos. I hope this helps and have a great trip. Sue
  8. Hi my family and I are going to Walt Disneyworld in June, we are flying so we can't take any Redbridge or New Grist, or any other gluten free beer with us. I was wondering if anyone has bought any gluten free beer anywhere in Orlando like maybe at a grocery store there. Thanks Sue
  9. Hi Valerie, Thank you for the phone number to Brenda in the special dietary requests department I will give her a call once it gets a little closer to June. My husband, Jeff will be excited to have a hamburger on a bun. I too book marked Sweetfudge's review I will also put on the info on my memo pad on my cellphone so I can take that with me. Is California Grill at Walt Disney World or at Disneyland in California ? Once I get ahold of those Italian rolls I will let you know how they are. Thanks again, Sue
  10. Hi Valerie, Thank you and everyone else who gave me such great advise on what to do and where to eat. We will be staying at the Disney all sports resort, our 2 and 5 year old LOVED the huge basketball hoops they saw on their website so we booked it for there. I have seen some other sites where someone was talking about the Crystal Palace and she mentioned the tapioca rolls so my husband is looking foward to that. Have you found any place that has a good burger on a bun or a good sandwich on decent bread. I can make very good desserts (brownies, cakes, cookies, peanut butter rice crispie treats) what he would love to have is a good dinner or lunch out and not get sick. We live in a small town in Ohio and the only place we have to go out to eat in our town is Outback and after awhile that gets old. I am looking foward to having places he can eat at (that is a vacation for me not cooking every night). Do you or anyone else have a number or email address of where I need to call to request gluten free meals ? Thanks again, Sue
  11. Hi, We have made our reservations and are going to Walt Disney World in June and are now looking for places that we can eat at, my husband, Jeff has celiac and I want to make sure wherever we go he can eat there too. I was wondering if anyone has been there and if they have, where did you eat and was it good ? Thank you Sue
  12. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for letting me know how it is at Pizza Fusion. We wanted to try it because we saw there is one in Orlando Fl and have reservations for Disney World in June. We are trying to find places that we can eat at while on vacation there. We live in a very small town in Ohio and the only place to go out to eat is either Outback or Red Lobster (if my husband orders crab legs or lobster from Red Lobster). A lot of the resturants and caters here in the town we live in aren't aware of what celiac sprue is and what gluten free is. I wish we had more options like California. I am from California myself, I was born and rasied there. I have only lived here in Ohio for 12 years. Thanks again Sue
  13. Hi Mamaw, Thank you for letting me know about Uno's I would love directions. Is it anywhere near the mall at Robinson ? We go there a couple times a month. Is their pizza gluten free ? Thank, Sue
  14. Hi, My husband loves Nacho Cheese Doritos but since they have wheat in them he can't have them, well yesterday I went shopping at Kroger and happen to look at their brand Max Flav'r tortilla chips Nacho Cheese. They taste so much like the Doritos my husband loved them and on the front of the bag on the bottom it says a Gluten Free Food. Just thought incase anyone else out there also misses Nacho Cheese Doritos give these a try. Sue
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