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    I am new user adding to the comment about syrups. Not to be the person with the bad news, but carmel coloring is in every syrup at Starbucks (I worked there), it is also in all the Toroni Flavorings, syrup in general, and most of the pearl tea flavorings EVERYWHERE. Even if there is no carmel coloring, there are both artificial flavors and colorings that you really need to CALL about. Unless you have never reacted to it, I would NOT suggest experimentation at All. I have been in denial about the my reactions to artificial colors, flavors, and carmel colorings for a long time. Sources I have read say that artificial colors and flavors are a mixed bag because half of them are made from a malt base. If you like stuff with these ingredients, you are best to just call the company on that stupid number on the back of the package and ask before you eat it. I know this sounds pretty extreme, but this has been the main source of my "hidden" reactions.
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