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  1. Follow-up: I read the blog on GAPS and ordered the book. I have to say that I really liked what I've read about the diet and have the highest hopes it will help me. I made two huge batches of the soup last night and just ate my first bowl...very tasty. I fasted Friday, Saturday and Sunday (using...
  2. Hugs to you...all is well...

  3. Georgie, thank you for your response. I REALLY appreciate feedback right now. I'm lost. I started my version of the FODMAP (found a list online) and it seems to be going well so far. My only concern is the sustainability on this long term. I mean, do you know if it actually helps to reverse SIBO...
  4. Thank you. I just checked out the diet and it seems very good, a lot of work, but I'll do anything at this point. I cannot tolerate milk, nuts or eggs, but maybe after some time I will be able to eat these things. Are you currently on this diet?
  5. Hi, After being gluten, dairy and corn free for years, I had a decent digestive system. But then last year, I STUPIDELY took some antibiotics and haven't been the same. It was June of 2010. No matter what I do I have horrible gas and C (yes, I'm on good probiotics and have tried them all in large...
  6. Are you eating anything new to replace gluten-containing foods? Do you take probiotics or digestive enzymes?
  7. Blood tests last June revealed a high egg allergy. I never would have made the connection, but since I stopped eating them, lots of small lingering issues cleared up.
  8. Me too. I ate a bag of gluten-free granola and paid big time for that. Rib cage pain, D, bloat...ugh.
  9. I get my husband the "natural" coke from Costco in glass bottles (I think they make it in Mexico), but it contains real sugar not HFCS.
  10. I was diagnosed with Sjogren Syndrome as well and battled fatigue too. I later found out that I am also intolerant to other foods and after eliminating them I am much better. I don't even need coffee anymore. I do still drink Green Tea because it's been proven to help protect the salivary glands...
  11. Same with me, but I have two sets of the genes. I'm considered gluten "sensitive" not gluten intolerant by Enterolab.
  12. BTW, while doctors say the appendix is a "useless" organ, research released in the past few years revealed that our good beneficial bacteria is housed in the appendix. Therefore, it's more important than ever that your daughter gets on a good probiotic and stays on it for life.
  13. I had my appendix removed when I was 11, tonsils when I was 5. Almost lost my gallbladder a few years back, but I fought this one and didn't do the surgery. By the way, a HUGE bowl of Teddy Grahams cereal is to blame for my appendicitis. I was watching the MTV music awards and shoveling that...
  14. Hi, I've had this too. First in college, it was so bad, the lack of air, I couldn't even climb up three flights of stairs to my apartment without sitting down. I was young and thin, yet I felt completely out of shape. I went to the doctors and he said I was only using 30% of my lung capacity....
  15. Thanks for the info on H pylori. I thought I recognized that pier- I live in the South Bay. Saw your post on true foods- I'll have to plan a shopping trip to Fashion Island so I can have an excuse to check it out. I am listening to Dr. Mercola's video on Vitamin D. Thanks for the referral.