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  1. Yes, if I eat something I'm intolerant to, the pain can get really bad. For a long time I was eating avocado, almonds and coconut and all three through trial and error cause this. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack and took me years to figure out it was yet other intolerances. I also have a hiatal hernia, which also I'm sure leads to increase inflammation in that area. Hope you are able to figure it out soon!

  2. I would definitely get a night guard. I bought mine from Amazon (they have them at CVS too) for $25. It's called Sleep Right and I got it because it's BPA free. It takes a few nights to get used to...pretty aweful at first, but now I can't sleep without one. For a long while, I refused to listen to the dentist and now I have several cracked molars and already have two crowns and will need a third. That can get really expensive and painful.

  3. Hi, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your struggle. I was especially interested in your post because my brother has been dealing with the same thing since June of this year, and still has no answers. MRI comes up clean, but he does have disc issues and has arthritis of the spine. I hope someone else can shed some light on this for your sake and my brother's. All the doctors keep telling him is that "it's all in your head...take these anti-anxiety drugs." :ph34r:

  4. I had the same exact thing happen to me. I got a firm diagnosis, then I later looked at my bloodwork and started scratching my head. Luckily I have a friend who is a doctor and I had him look at the results, and he confirmed that based on the results, I shouldn't have received the diagnosis. I was so frustrated because I had alread stopped eating gluten by the time I discovered the error, and never want to go back eating it. I'll never have a clear diagnosis now.

  5. I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you. Celiac does not discriminate. Your story reads so similar to what my brother is going through, and to this date, he has not been tested for Celiac disease or any other autoimmune disorder, even though they run in the family. Doctors just tell him he nuts. There are so many informative people on the board that will offer you great advice. Please keep us posted after your tests.

  6. I had the same thing happen after my skin prick tests which included all the gluten grains--I was itchy all over. I also had nothing show up on the skin prick test but blood allergy tests found a wheat allergy. My allergist said the blood tests are slightly more accurate/sensitive to catch food allergies. I'm assuming that's why I was itchy all over. I itched for two days after my skin prick test. Benedryl helped with the itching. I did not have that cold feeling/needing to pee, however. I don't know what that could be from, unless you actually have a high fever and feel cold from it? There were times when I had hives/an allergic reaction that my body also reacted by having a fever that felt like I was freezing cold.

    That's interesting, thank you. Also interesting that my blood test showed major allergy to egg whites, but that didn't appear with the skin test. I guess they must not be accurate.

  7. My son is intolerant to eggs (as well as gluten and casein). There's really no way to make a quiche or anything like that, so you'll have to pretty much give up the foods where eggs are the main ingredient. However, if you are baking without eggs, there are lots of good substitutes. Ener-G egg replacer is sold at health food stores or whole food stores, and it works great for bread, pancakes etc. Sometimes, I use ground flaxseed and some water (1 T. flaxseed plus 3 Tablespoons hot water--let it sit for a minute or two, it get's all gooey). Sometimes, I use pureed prunes (like babyfood) for things that need to be really gooey like brownies. Applesauce (unsweetened!)is another good substitute for eggs. There are some good cookbooks out there!

    If a recipe calls for more 3 or more eggs, it's going to pretty much flop to try to use these substitutes--it only works for recipes that only take one or two eggs.

    Good luck!!

    You can try Chia seeds too...if you soak them for a few minutes they create a gooey gel that makes a decent substitute!

  8. I eat there often: Anaheim, Long Beach and San Diego...no problems. I also eat at Pei Wei, which is their take-out chain...so good. I eat there at least once a week in Newport Beach or Seal Beacg and never have had a problem. Other locations of Pei Wei are not as trust worthy, I have found.

  9. Last week I had skin testing done to rule out food allergies. My GI insisted on this just to be safe. I had no signs of allergic reaction during the test (and this inlcuded gluten, which I didn't realize until it was too late). However, later that night (8-hours later) I got what I can only explain as "internally itchy." This is a feeling I get every now and again...I remember the last time it was after I drank a coffee from a machine that was flavored. Anyways, I feel very acidic, my scalp starts to itch, my clothes bother me, I have to take off my jewelry...etc. Then, I get cold and I have to go pee every 15 minutes. I also get insomnia when I go through these spells.

    Anyone had anything similar. The only thing that knocks this out is benadryl(sp?) so I'm sure it's some sort of allergic reaction...

    Please share your thoughts/stories.

  10. Hi,

    One of the best pieces of advice I was given on this forum was learn about the GAPS diet (it's nearly the same as the Specific Carb. Diet, but is a little more methodical, in my opinion). I'm leaving on vacation soon, so I haven't been able to do the full blown diet because it will be hard enough for me to navigate my no gluten, dairy, nut, soy diet overseas, let alone GAPS. However, when I return I'm diving in. I, too, have SIBO. I'm pretty certain it was caused by some antibiotics I took last June 2010 for a dental issue. I haven't been the same since, despite accompanying my treatment with probiotics. Anways, I'm doing the first phase of the diet now (but I throw in some normal foods here and there so I won't get sick on vacation) and I can't tell you how great it's been. The days I stick with the soup I feel amazing and have no symptoms. When I throw in illegal foods, my symptoms come back. Anways, check it out and see what you think. Also, check out Grapefruit See Extract as a complementary treatment with GAPS.

  11. Thanks. This is really frustrating. I'm a hypochondriac, so I always assume the worst whenever I get weird symptoms. I'm trying to convince myself that I don't have ovarian cancer or something serious like that. It's just frustrating that the symptoms are almost exactly the same as those of celiac. I know deep down that most likely, I don't have cancer or anything serious, but I can't help it lol.

    I'm going to go strictly whole foods only for a while and hopefully it goes away. Maybe I'm just eating something that has gluten in it. If it doesn't soon though, then I'll go to the doctor.

    I completely understand...I always assume the worse too. My theory as to what was going on is that the coconut was causing inflammation in my colon. I have no idea if that at all possible, but this in my crazy self-diagnosis. :rolleyes:

  12. I went through that a while ago, and the episode lasted nearly two months. I thought I had an ovarian cyst, but an ultrasound came up clean. Oddly enough, I figured out it was coconut causing it. I stopped eating and it went away. When I started eating it again, it came back. I'm not sure what exactly was going on (sorry, I can't be more helpful), but I hope you resolve your issue soon. It was pretty annoying and I began to wonder if something more serious was wrong.

  13. I accidentally found out through a allergy blood test. Since cutting them out my often late ngiht sore throats went away and I now sleep through the night (used to wake up to everything). I probably would have never figured out on my own. Recently, I ate some gluten-free bread that contained eggs and I woke up all through the night, just like the good ol days. Interesting.

    I've hears (never tried it) that the "gel" created when you let chia seeds soak in water for 5-10 minutes makes an awesome substitute for eggs.