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  1. Thank you. My last GI thought everything was related to Celiacs but since I have turned 18 a few months back I have a new GI. Thank you again for all your help I will try this.
  2. Thank you. I will talk to my GI about it if I dont improve with doing the food journal and cutting out the things that don't do well for my body. What is the best way to do an elimination diet.
  3. Thank you so much. I will try that. This gives me hope that I can still eat food. Thank you so much
  4. Thank you for all the suggestions so far, I got tested for most of the things you all suggested so thank you for responding! I really appreciate all the help and some things have helped. I got my lab results back and now i am very confused. I am no longer deficient in any vitams, but I am according...
  5. Are gluten free oats ok? I get my lab test results back tomorrow for the blood test. I had them run everything that you'll said and anything she could think of. If nothing comes from that I am definitely trying the elimination diet but I never done one before. How do I do an elimination diet?
  6. This definitely helps will ask my doctor. Thank you so much. My doctor only checked for the main ones such as vitamin b, d, a, and c along with iron. I will definitely check for these thank you.
  7. 1. I did not think to try an endoscopy since I was diagnosed but I will talk to my doctor about it. 2. I have checked all of the labels and if the dont say gluten free I dont eat them. I even have my shampoo gluten free. As I have found I am super sensitive. 3. I get tested for new allergies...
  8. I have vitamin b12 and vitamin d deficiency, my symptoms are mainly constipation, stomach pain and throwing up. I have been checked for other deficiencies. My diet generally includes gluten free noodles, chicken, hamburger, carrots, peas, corn, pepper, onions and cupforcup flour made things that...
  9. I have had Celiac disease since I was 10 and my symptoms of Celiac disease slowly started to fade into nothingness. It was amazing the first day I woke up and my stomacg did not hurt and I did not throw up. But since last year at 17 my symptoms started resurfacing and my doctor does not know what...