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  1. Hello-new to site...my daughter is almost 7 years old and was diagnosed with celiac 6 months ago. It's been difficult but we are finally at a point where Kylie has about 7 staples in her diet. She is extremely picky when it comes to eating and after throwing out a ton of food we finally found some things she will eat. Kylie's symptoms have been chronic stomach aches and head aches. I truly had to fight the doctors to get her tested for ANYTHING since they believed she had these symptoms because she is shy. My husband and I are doing everything we possibly can to keep her gluten-free. My home is not totally gluten free but I use separate pots/utensils/etc. for Kylie's food. I cook almost everything for her and freeze it. I am finally starting to feel that I can handle this (notice I say "I") until a night like tonight where Kylie is crying over her stomach aches. She still gets them occassionally and most of the time they are dull aches but tonight she was crying. I know everything she has eaten since last Saturday and I can't see where the gluten came from. I am absolutely at my wit's end over this disease!! There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and you can't even offer an antacid! My question is: what can I give her to help her with her pain? Anything? I'm so angry right now that I had to hold my sobbing daughter and wait for her to pass out from crying. I want to be able to offer her some sort of medication when she has a bad day. Any suggestions from anyone? Thank you to anyone who responds! Kelly
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