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  1. Sorry, I said I "pretty much" had zero symptoms, and maybe I should have worded that differently. The only things I experienced were bloating and tiredness, and not in any major capacity. I assume most of the north American population have felt bloated and tired a good amount in their lives, celiac...
  2. This is awesome, thank you very much. I tried some of the sorghum "beer" and I am not a fan at all. I would love to try some of the gluten-removed beers, I didn't know they existed! Thanks everyone!
  3. I was feeling bloated after eating, and also having some fatigue. The doctor thought MAYBE I had a gluten allergy and said there was no way I was celiac but sent me for the blood test anyway. Boom. Celiac.
  4. Thanks for your responses, both of you. The thing with me is, I pretty much have zero symptoms, and I love beer, so I am trying to justify being able to have a real beer once a month or something. Since beer is made from barley and my test said I was not allergic to it, I was hoping I would be...
  5. Hello, I have tested positive for celiac, yet my allergy test results for barley were negative. Is this possible, considering barley contains gluten? Shouldn't my barley allergy test have come back positive? I asked my doctor and he said I am allergic to the gluten in the barley, but common...