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  1. Hi so got my results and negative for celiac but my doctor has said it doesn’t rule out gluten intolerance. She also feels I may have IBS and a lot of the symptoms do match. I cut out dairy and gluten a week ago and have been a little better since but it’s early days and I am still wak...
  2. Hi should get the results tomorrow I think. For some reason I feel they will come back negative. Not sure why but we shall see. Have been cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet for the past few day’s and my digestive system has calmed down some which is nice. at the moment I am very a...
  3. Hi Adams thanks for your reply. I know they haven’t come back yet. My doctor said she will ring me as soon as they do. many thanks
  4. Ho just to add when I wake up in the night as well as feeling bloated I have a burning sensation in my stomach. thanks
  5. Hi been looking at this site for a while and thought I would post my experience. I am on England. I am a 59 year old male and I started having issues about 3 months ago. it started with loose stools every morning which were always as soon as I got up and always came out very quickly. ...