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  1. I have ordered a shampoo and conditioner (Desert Essence) that are labeled gluten-free. Not too pricey. I contacted the company of my current shampoos and they responded that there are no gluten ingredients in their formulation but they are not certain that there aren't derivatives in the mix. ...
  2. HA! Who eats out....Actually I am a very dedicated organic food, home cooked meals from scratch person. I guess not always "certified gluten-free". I use the gluten-free scanner app to check products in the store. My store bought foods are chips, crackers, cereals, noodles, condiments, a few sauces...
  3. one of my antibody numbers has not zeroed out yet. 2 of the three others have. So deeper investigation of where I am being exposed. I have no rashes nor GI symptoms.
  4. I seem to still be having some gluten exposure after 2 years of painstaking change in diet. A PA suggested looking at shampoo and conditioner products. Is that really scientifically proven to have impact? I use lovely botanical products, but the companies are not labelled gluten-free. Is there...