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  1. KMW

    Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hammer Nutrition makes gluten free products including whey and soy protein powders. They make products for endurance sports, too. I've been using them while I trained for a century bike ride and during the ride. I haven't tried the protein powders yet. I have used the J Robb whey protein with good results, it is gluten-free. Hammer Nutrition website Jay Robb website Kathy
  3. This is a very interesting question and I tend to agree with some of the answers - during strenuous exercise while you are malnourished your body cannot handle the exertion. I was diagnosed after I had begun bicycle training. I was seeing stars and feeling faint while biking and, finally, all day long. I discovered that I was severely anemic. We eventually discovered that the anemia was due to celiac disease. I feel that exercise saved my life because if I hadn
  4. I use Micronized CM 750 Creatine Caps from AST Sports Science. www.ast-ss.com. I buy it from Lame Advertisement. I haven't had any problems with it - related to gluten. I felt I needed some help building my muscles after getting so malnourished and weak before i was diagnosed with celiac disease.
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