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  1. I did they survey and that's who I talked to in the first place. No matter what hospital I go to they don't feed me properly I get a banana everyday to eat for breakfast lunch dinner and sometimes one extra small lacking in jelly and peanut butter carrots califour some beans for a month I was netrition...
  2. I went to the cafeteria management and head of building health and safety we all had a long discussion.still happened. I had to go to the emergency room for gastrol spams that lasted over 8 hours. I was on my knees begging to be sent to the emergency room .
  3. I ask before I eat everytime that it is gluten free . One of the staff members know about my celiac but put it the toaster said others patients that saw I asked if she used the toaster she said no. So I ate it. Found out later
  4. Yes I was there before for the past 6 years and I stated my allergies during intake.
  5. It was Penns Highlands I had to get on my knees and beg with going on 8 hours of stomach etc. spasms before I went to emergency room they said nothing was wrong I don't have celiac.
  6. My name is Melissa Mandrick I have celiac disease and I was impatient and they Contaminated my food I got celiac reoccurrence and right after I found out I got gallstones. My gallbladder was removed. Before it progressed to the point I was peeing blood. Doctor thinks I have a hernia from surgery...